Advantage of using audiobased social media app – Clubhouse Clone

Cllubhouse is a social media platform like twitter but it differs from other social media platforms by not having an obligation to post on the page to seem active in the app. It is an audio based platform where one gets to hear the speeches of the user and others require an invite to the room where the speech is going on. It is a very diverse platform where celebrities like actors, sportsperson, influencers, music bands, etc. use it to interact with their fans or simply deliver a motivational speech or an announcement to the public.

Turnkeytown has developed a clubhouse clone that serves best for the celebrities mainly because it is less crowded since it is an invite only social media app. So only those who really wanted to listen to the conversation will join in. Some people see it as a podcast as the audios are present to be heard any time after once the access is obtained.

Let us first look at the working of the clubhouse clone app.

·         Step1- the user needs an invite to attend any room to listen to the speeches. The access can be obtained either from a friend or can be bought from eBay or reddit for the highest bid.

·         Step2- the user must log in to access the features. The login can be done by using their email id or through any of the social media id.

·         Step3- the user has to enter the relevant details as asked in the profile section in order to create a profile. The details entered must be in such a way that it precisely describes the profession and the area of interest etc. this will be helpful for your friends to spot the profile.

·         Step4- one can form a room and specify the topics that are going to be discussed. Various other clubhouse clone users use their invite and join the room to listen to the speech. The user can also join others rooms with their invite and listen to others speaking.

·         Step5- if the user wants to interrupt the speech then they have to press the ‘raise hand’ button to ask a question or anything. If the speaker accepts the request then the user can talk.

Let us look at the various advantages of invite-only social media app

·         No-content uploading

·         No personal messages

·         Getting more followers at the official site by recognizing them from the clubhouse clone

·         Expanding networks.

What are the features offered in the clubhouse clone app?

Let us look at the various features found in the clubhouse clone app.

·         Managing user profile

·         The ‘explore page’

·         Member search

·         Sending invitations

·         The calendar

·         Viewing notifications

·         Rooms

·         Listeners, speakers and moderators

·         Clubs

Summing up

Many celebrities like Elon Musk and many other motivational speakers use the clubhouse clone app for delivering their speech in a non-disturbing platform. Turnkeytown offers white label clubhouse like app that can be customizable by adding more features to make it more attractive, making many people turn their heads towards the clubhouse clone script.

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