6 Best Examples Of Content Aggregator Websites That Rock

Content Aggregator Websites

Knowingly or unknowingly, you might have used a content aggregator website for once in your life. These content aggregator websites help you collect the relatable content that is scattered over the internet.

As millions of content are uploaded daily on the internet, finding the relevant content you are looking for can be disastrous if you don’t have a content aggregator and you.

So one of the biggest content aggregators that we all popularly know as search engines is Google. It collects all information that you are searching for on the internet, only showing the results related to your search query. In this way, you receive the information that you require instead of showing irrelevant results.

Similarly, a content aggregator website works on the same functionality, but they are not giant Google search engines.

So here we go,

What Is A Content Aggregator Website?

From the above introduction, you might have an idea about how a content aggregator functions. Content aggregator websites do not create and publish the content produced by themselves. Instead, they collect content from the other websites and represent it on their interface, depending on the user’s search query.

A content aggregator website is relatively smaller than the search engine. They collect content in a particular category, like news, blogs, videos, social media posts, images, etc.

People use these websites only to get specific information without receiving millions of results for their queries.

A content aggregator website will offer you content that is related to their search queries. A big question that comes to mind is, “WHAT ABOUT COPYRIGHT ISSUES” This is exactly what I thought when I first heard about these websites.

However, content aggregator websites are not stealing the content of other websites and making it their own, but it is the website to find their content to the people who are searching for such kind of content over the internet.

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6 Examples Of Best Content Aggregator Websites On Internet

As discussed above, there are various categories of content aggregator websites like news, blogs, articles, social media content, reviews, etc.

Here below, we are presenting you the best examples of content aggregator websites in each category so that you can choose the best one for your needs.


Popurls is the popular content aggregation site that inspires many other websites in a similar niche. It is the most used website to aggregate news-related articles published on the web.

As one of the biggest content aggregator websites, Popurls collects content related to news organizations, niche-specific blogs, and social media content.

With Popurls, you can submit the blogs or articles like Google News, Bing News, and other websites. Popurls team hand-picked or selected the best quality of content from the internet that they found fit best for the user’s query.

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#2 AllTop

Another popular name in the content aggregator websites is AllTop. It collects the latest content from the website related to different topics. The best part of using AllTop is that you can search for the particular topic, and it will aggregate the top and latest articles related to the topic.

If you want AllTop to display the latest content from your website, you can submit your website, and it will display your latest blog on their platform.

#3 Blog Engage

As the name suggests, Blog Engage is a content aggregator website that collects blogs from different websites. Like the AllTop, Blog Engage collects the blog on specific topics per the user’s query.

Earlier, there were some obligations on the Blog Engage for spammy content, but now it has changed its guidelines and keeps it strict to quality and relevant content to the users.

#4 Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the popular social media content aggregator website that collects all sorts of content available on social media channels. Users can collect images, videos, reviews, GIFs, etc., from all the major social media platforms with the help of hashtags, handles, mentions, username, keywords, URLs, etc.

Major marketers and managers use Taggbox to collect user-generated content from social media to integrate into their website and brand’s marketing campaigns.

#5 Rotten Tomatoes

This website is popularly known for checking the reviews about the movies, next after the IMDB score. Rotten Tomatoes collects reviews of people on the web and collectively represents them on the screen.

Users of Rotten Tomatoes only have to put the movie name, and it will collect all the reviews related to that movie with the name, date, and source reviewer uploads their review.

#6 Travel Blogger Community

It is a content aggregator website for travel bloggers and travel lovers who like to get blogs, articles, and information that is only oriented towards travel.

This site collects travel blogs from different websites and displays them on their website. Users also search on the website to learn more about particular travel topics or take inspiration from their already represented one.

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Over To You…

A content aggregator site makes the search for content easy on the internet. Just imagine how difficult it would be if we don’t have a solid search engine system. It’d take years to find the relevant content that you are looking for on your website.

Use these content aggregators to make your search for content more effective and powerful. Hope you will get the best results!

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