Best Solution to Attach Corrupted MDF file in SQL Server

Summary:  Are you searching for a quick method to attach corrupted MDF file in SQL Server? If the answer is yes, then continue reading the upcoming section of this blog as we have mentioned the main reasons why SQL Server database files (MDF & NDF) get corrupt, damaged, and prominent solutions on how you can connect MDF file to SQL Server quickly.

Nowadays SQL Server is a very popular platform among users and frequently used to manage a huge amount of data in an organized manner. However, there are times when users may experience the need to attach corrupted MDF file in SQL Server while using this platform. Users can easily attach an MDF file if it is in a good or healthy state. But, if corruption occurs in the database files then it can be a nightmare for users.

Therefore, the major aim of this post is to show you the best and easiest way that can help you connect MDF file to SQL Server without hassles. After performing the steps you will surely amazed at how easy this can be done.

Root Causes of Damaged/Corrupt MDF Files

  • If the file exceeds the maximum storage size limit.
  • If database files are stored in a compressed folder or in a corrupted drive.
  • Virus and malware-related issues can make the file corrupt.
  • Hard disk failure and sudden system shutdown or power failure.
  • When the database file is in use and a network failure occurs in the middle of the process, it will damage the whole MDF file.

After understanding the possible reasons let us move towards the solution part-

How to Attach Corrupted MDF File In SQL Server (Step by Step Approach)

In case your database files (.mdf or .ndf) get corrupt due to any reason and you are unable to connect them to the server. In such a scenario, it is suggested by the experts to use professional SQL Recovery software. It is an eminent utility that is capable to repair corrupted, damaged, inaccessible database files in a few simple mouse clicks. More so, the tool can also recover the deleted database items such as – tables, table records, functions, views, stored procedures, and much more without any hindrance. As the data is recovered you can export it to the live SQL Server present in the same machine where the tool is installed and over a server network. In addition to this, the tool support to repair MDF file created in any version of SQL Server 2019, 2017, 2016, 2014 and other.

Steps to Repair Corrupt MDF Files of SQL Server

Step 1. Install and run the software on your Windows system. Click on Open to load the corrupted MDF database file.

Step 2. Select Advance scan mode and also choose the SQL Server version of the browsed MDF file. Also check the Recover Deleted Option, if you want to recover permanently deleted data.

Step 3. Preview all the data of the MDF file and from the top click on Export to begin the exporting process.

Step 4. Now, to attach a corrupted MDF file, select the Export as SQL Server Database option from the export window. Under this, provide details for the Authentication like Server Name & choose Authentication type either Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication.

Step 5. Choose either Create New Database or Export to Existing Database option as per the need.

Step 6. Select the desired data items you want to restore and choose either With Only Schema or With Schema & Data option. At last, click on the Export button to finalize the process.

Now you can check the recently connected MDF file to the database folder under object explorer.

If your MDF file is free from corruption, this is what you need to do to attach it.

  • Open and connect SSMS to the Database server.
  • Right-click on the Database folder and choose the option Attach.
  • On the Attach Database Windows, click the Add button.
  • Browse the location from where you want to select MDF files, choose the file and click on OK.
  • Then, again Click OK button to attach the MDF file to SQL Server.

By performing the above-mentioned steps, you can connect the MDF file to SQL Server. in case, if you are unable to do so, then you should use the professional solution suggested above.

Wrapping up

In this piece of information, we have briefly discussed ways to attach corrupted MDF file in SQL Server. We have talked about both manual and automatic methods that you can use to attach the database. As already discussed, the manual procedure will only work if the database file is in a healthy state. For the corrupted MDF file we have introduced the software that helps you to connect corrupt MDF files quickly and easily.

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