How Can You Schedule a Facebook Live stream in 2021

In 2000 and 2021, Facebook made some significant changes. So, how you will schedule your live stream? The post briefs you all in detail. First of all, you need to know that every single live stream has two separate links: two posts per live stream is a significant issue. If you have decided that you want to promote in advance, it is a major issue for confusion for the audience. The post briefs you on what you need to know and gives you a trick to promote ahead of time without confusion for your viewers.

Every time you schedule a Facebook live stream, you are wind up with two different posts in your feed. The first post is the scheduled live stream. The planned initially post gives people an alert saying, hey, this person or this page is planning to go live at this day and time. Do you want to get a reminder for it? Then as soon as you go live, there is a second post created with a brand new link that is the live stream itself.

Going back to the original post, number one that does connect to the live stream, and it says, hey, this person is live, you can watch it here, but you will notice how tiny that little watch button is, and most people don’t see it. So, they’re confused about where to go or how actually to watch it. Therefore it leads to either people having to click more buttons or abandon your live stream because they can not figure out where to go.

Since people don’t do extra work, you need content creators to make it extremely simple for your viewers, and also Facebook also has not done any good in this process. The whole point of doing two posts per live stream benefits you in either their algorithm because you’re getting a notification when you schedule a stream, and then you’ll get another notification when you go live. And then they are connecting these two posts.

It is not good enough to avoid confusion and extra clicks because every extra click that a viewer has to go through, then you’ll lose the effectiveness, and people won’t do it. So what Facebook is trying to accomplish is benefiting you.

How You Can Schedule Your Stream:

If you scroll down on your Facebook page until you see the create post section, you need to click live.  Once you click Live then you will be taken into creator studio. This is where your schedule starts to manage all of your live streams. So, you have the go-live option, but what you want is to schedule a live video option.  So, you need to click on schedule a live video and then choose your date and time to the page on which you need to stream.

 If you created it from the page, it would just automatically fill that out, and then you need the go-to title. Then you need to go to the description and make it enjoyable, and then you need to select an image to choose the thumbnail for your stream. And if you do not select an image, it will use your header on your Facebook page as the default, which will not look good because those dimensions are different.

Then you need to schedule your live stream, and then you need to click on schedule live stream. You can schedule your live stream within the next seven days so, you can’t go further than seven days, and it’s can not be less than 10 minutes. It needs to be 10 minutes or further out up to seven days from there.

Remember that you cannot schedule a stream and connect to the scheduled stream unless you use third-party software like ecam on mac vmix on a pc or any other live video software out there. You cannot go live from the Facebook browser and connect to a scheduled stream. You cannot go live from your mobile phone and connect to a scheduled stream. Make sure you keep that in mind.

How Do Your Schedule Streams Look Like on Facebook?

Your viewer will see your page name, your fantastic description that you put, your excellent title, the time you have scheduled it, and you will also see the get reminder button. The viewers will be able to click get a reminder. It does not mean that they will get a notification; it is not guaranteed that they get that notification.

Promotion Trick:

You need to have a solid link. However, if you decide that Facebook is the only platform you care about, you still need it to promote it right. So, you have to create a short URL. You can use a bitly or any number of services out there to promote that link. And on the back end, once you have the live link that second link, you can short that link and then go to the live link and then any promotion that somebody clicks that you’ve sent out beforehand, whether that’s an email, social media whatever. They will wind up on the right post, and if they click on it once you’re Live or after you are Live.

If you have a budget for your Facebook stream promotion, this is an effective method that might help you increase your fanbase. Buying live stream viewers help to get a more organic audience, and more fans mean more followers for your page or profile. You must focus only on creating compelling content.

If you have a team and can do that work for you so that you don’t have to do that while you’re Live. But alternatively, if you’re doing it all yourself, then that is one benefit of the countdown timer is to take care of admin details while you are Live. So, go live with the countdown timer.

Take Away:

Through Facebook, Live scheduling helps you to link your viewers to your post and signup for reminders. I hope you find the post on scheduling a Facebook live stream a very useful and informative one. Thanks a lot for reading.

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