How to make money through Instagram CPA marketing?

Instagram CPA marketing

CPA or cost per action is a great method that can help you earn on Instagram. The use of the right strategies would be a great help to get it early and bigger. We will try to analyze how you can do it in a better manner?

 The Criteria

Before we go on and know how to improve this part of your revenue, you must know what can be asked from you for this kind of affiliate marketing.

  1. The advertising party would ask you to mention their brand in a certain way to have a response for their brand.
  2. The question “how active your users are” will be big. If you have a great following that is quite active, you have better chances of responses. So, you have a higher chance of getting such work.
  3. The relevance of the brand and the blog means a lot. You should know if the brand has a similar kind of product as your blog so that you can have better relevance and improved result potential.

If the advertiser does not look for any of these criteria, there are bound to be problems for you or him.

What can Brand Ambassadors Do?

Brand ambassadors are hired for a long-term relationship between influencers or celebrities. You can have their services to get better promotion. So, brands may hire you as someone who could help you with all levels of branding.

You can be a brand ambassador if you have been working for their brand earlier. Some companies will hire you if you are their follower and a devoted one. For this one, you should have a good number of active Instagram followers who believe in your word of mouth.

The stats tell that 82 percent of people would like to get referrals for the purchases they make. So, it would be a great idea for companies to hire you and use your service for better responses for their brands.

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links can help you get revenue on Instagram. You can use them for effective money-making with your blogs and vlogs.

You can use affiliate links on your profile. Including links in your bio won’t be a great idea, so you can try them in your stories. Many brands would love to have them there. The use of coupons is a very common and effective method to get your sponsors more responses. You can talk about the discount coupons that you are offering. Moreover, you may run contests to give bigger benefits to your users.

Such campaigns go extremely handy for your sponsors, so do offer them these if they are looking to collaborate with you.

Linking in the Image

If you are looking to get revenue with your blogging, you can try adding product links to your images. At the same time, you must have a contract with the brand you are promoting. Once you have a good number of Instagram followers, there are a million opportunities in your niche.

A similar technique would be to clearly use images to promote brands. This one would be for almost all kinds of products. The difference is, you do not get products from the brand; you shoot by yourself and post them with their links to gain exposure for them.

Another effective way would be to promote the brands with the help of stories you create. You can try this one for people who wish to have a smaller highlight of your products. When you do that, there are chances of better results with less time spent. And if you have a bigger sponsor amount, you can try putting these stories to highlight.

The Use of Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way your sponsors would pay more for. So, if you are looking to offer more exposure through your content, you can try using blog posts. Moreover, you can try using these for better-paying jobs. It might take more time than pictures or photos, so you should try this one out for better-paying ones.

Use of Captions

Captions are easy to write, and you can see help with them. Brands use these to get better reach, so you can sell them your services by adding them to your captions. So, you can use captions in your content to get them the limelight. This one also goes well if you work as a writer, but with smaller revenue coming in.

The Most Availed Options

The experts reveal what ratio of Instagram features is most prevalent. They tell that 55 per cent of people advertise with stories. Polls are at 16 per cent and swipe up works for 15 percent of posts. On the other hand, highlights work for 26 percent of these collaborative posts. And last but not least, 10 percent go for Instagram live is prevalent.

Tactics for Long-term Success

When you collaborate, make sure that you do not do spam. To achieve that, you should adhere to the most relevant hashtags and avoid irrelevant ones. Make sure that you post cool stuff even when you are promoting someone.

Other things to avoid are avoiding offensive content and trying to have attention and engage people with your content. You can try interacting for longer if your sponsors are paying a good amount. Apply the practices that make your account special and develop relationships with companies if you really wish to work in long-term, impressive manners.

Final Thoughts

CPA or cost per action has been a great method for earning for Instagram influencers. You must know the best practices you can carry out the work with. So, offer captions, blog posts, and images to sponsors. Moreover, using the most available options like highlights, stories, and going live would certainly be a source of new brands working with you. Try to incorporate these methods into your practice and have improved revenue. Moreover, you can effectively help promote your sponsors if you work at all levels. So, try to know brands, and you can also opt for being a brand ambassador.


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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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