Social Media Wall Best Practices For Different Types Of Virtual Events

Different Types Of Virtual Events

A lot goes into organizing a virtual event. It all starts by choosing a virtual events platform, planning the entire event, pre-event promotions, attracting the prospects, getting the sponsors, and the list goes on.

The best part about a virtual event is that brands no longer have to worry about spending large amounts of money on accommodations, food, footfall, and other brainstorming sessions that go into organizing a physical event.

Virtual event organizers keep looking for opportunities to upgrade the experience of their audiences. Social Wall has resulted to be one such. Want to know how? Let’s find out.

What Is A Social Wall?

A social wall is a live and responsive tool that allows you to display social media content on any digital screen or virtual event. The social wall comes with a social media aggregator tool that collects social content from your preferred social media platform and brings it to you in a unified form which you can further moderate to filter out the irrelevant content.

A social media wall helps to improve your virtual event’s social media presence which brings in more traffic to your virtual event. It grabs the attention of the viewers at max, keeping them hooked throughout.

Social Media Wall Best Practices For Virtual Events

1.    Organize Hashtag Contests

A social wall is an ideal tool when it comes to integrating social walls in your virtual event. Organize a hashtag contest at your virtual event, and display the content created by your event attendees using your unique hashtag on the social wall. It will be the perfect way to make your hashtag contest more visible and encourage more participation.

Make sure that you choose a hashtag that is unique yet memorable. You don’t want to repeat an already used hashtag, and you also don’t want your virtual event attendees to misread the hashtag and start using the wrong one. In that case, your social media aggregator won’t be able to collect the posts with the wrong hashtag, and you will end up missing out on a lot.

2.    Conduct Polls

Social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram have features that enable users and brands to conduct polls for their followers. It is a perfect opportunity to keep your virtual event audience hooked throughout the virtual event. Conduct a poll on Instagram or Twitter.

You can choose a trendy topic or something related to your virtual event, either way, it should be something that entices your audience.

Once you post the poll on social media, display it on the social wall at your virtual event. It will become visible to your virtual event audience. You can also ask your virtual event anchor to inform the audience about the poll. It will encourage your virtual event audience to rush to your social media handle to answer the poll. Make sure to share the poll’s answer, in the end, it will keep the audience’s stay till the end, as they would be excited to know the poll results.

3.    Attract Audiences For Virtual Fundraising Events

The social wall is so eye-catching that it will be the center of attention for your entire virtual fundraising event. Why not take that as an opportunity to promote your next event. It is one of  the perfect virtual fundraising event ideas as your target audience for the upcoming virtual event will already be there, so it will be much easier to captivate them.

Display your upcoming virtual fundraising event’s promotional content on the social wall to inform your audience about it. You can also provide on-spot registrations for the same. The on-spot registration will leave no room for distraction and convert the target audience right where they are.

4.    Showcase Sponsored Content

No virtual event can begin without its sponsors, and they are the ones that manage to make the virtual event a successful one. There are many ways to promote your sponsors at your virtual event, but the most effective one has to be showcasing the sponsors’ content on your virtual event’s social wall. It is the most ideal way to make your sponsors’ content visible to the target audience.

When your virtual event audience comes across these social posts, they will interact with them, engage with them and share them with their friends and followers. Your sponsors will realize how beneficial it is to sponsor your virtual event, making them ever-ready to post for your future virtual events. Besides, the social wall also comes with powerful analytics which give in-depth insights. You can provide a report for the same to the sponsors to share how beneficial this sponsorship was for them.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Now that we have reached the end of this blog, we hope you better understand Social media walls.

You also got to know how social walls can be the perfect integration for your virtual event and how you can maximize its benefits by following a few best practices.

So go on, follow them by yourself and enjoy the benefits it would bring in!

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