Why Should Startups Choose Ruby On Rails In 2021?

It is 2021 and it seems as if a startup needs to have a variety of reasons for choosing a particular software. So if you are thinking about Ruby on Rails development for your website or web application, you need a valid reason, right?

Well, Ruby on Rails gives you many reasons to validate using it and you can notice these benefits first hand. Once you start using ROR you wouldn’t shift to another framework again. You will be comfortable and familiar with the capabilities of Ruby on Rails!

Reasons Why Ruby On Rails Development Is Best For StartUps

Any Ruby on Rails development company can easily leverage the Ruby language to create whatever software needs your startup may require. But what does ROR itself offer to your project? Here are the various reasons why every startup should indeed choose ROR.

Scalable and Flexible

As is the case with every business, you will be looking to develop future-ready software. That is because you might want to (and you most probably will) expand your business down the line. ROR makes sure you will be able to comfortably do so. This is what makes Ruby development so widespread across a range of industries.

A second impressive feature of ROR is its flexibility. The ability to make changes like editing the existing code or adding new features is simple enough.

Additionally, this means that you can adjust your website or application even then the original ROR developer is not available. Allowing you to not stress out when you realize that something important needs to be added or fixed within a short time!


Your startup may understandably be short of two things when starting out; money and time! But when you opt for Ruby on Rails development services you get to evade both of these disadvantages. ROR is an open-source framework running on Linux and is based on the Ruby programming language.

ROR is completely free to use, not incurring costs or licensing fees, but it also makes development that much faster. Development is rapid since an array of frameworks enrich the ROR development environment.


Security measures are in-built by default when it comes to the ROR framework. This is great, meaning you do not have to expend more money on complete security measures. So what else does ROR offer in terms of security and safety?

Every component of Ruby is well tested before it is passed out for public use. Plus, ROR development encourages both test-driven development and behavior-driven development which makes for a safe and stable web application or website.

Community Support

One of the biggest and most advantageous benefits of ROR is the fact that it receives backing from the Ruby community. This community is thousands strong and features members from all around the world uniting for a single cause.

Every ROR developer becomes part of this community and has the ability to contribute to the framework. This is a genius idea since no error, bug, or shortcoming will hamper such an intelligent and immersed community.

Improved Productivity

Anyone who uses ROR development will notice the ease with which development is done. Indeed ROR can speed up the development process saving your startup a lot of wasted time and money!

The code is clean and simple, and can easily be written by a developer with adequate experience. The ability to use a host of third-party libraries is an added advantage your business can benefit from.

Supports Efficient Testing

You won’t have to worry about excessive bugs in the code with ROR! The ROR developers are very particular about this issue and take every possible step to avoid them. That’s why the Ruby and ROR framework comes with testing and test automation capabilities.

You can test your project without the help of third-party testing aids. Making your complete project low-costing and testable to assure high quality. Having this feature will assist an ROR development company if you are opting for these services instead of freelancing or onshore teams.

Simple to Maintain

When it comes to developing any type of software, you will probably want it to be easy to maintain. A hard-to-maintain application will only cost you more money, a commitment your startup cannot commit to just yet.

That’s why you will be glad to hear that Ruby on Rails is an easy to manage code. The code is clean and life is made easier for your ROR developer due to the presence of ‘gems’. So all activities such as coding, testing, and debugging can be done within a short time frame.


With so many advantages, it becomes very difficult for a startup owner to deny the help of an ROR development company. For the guarantee of ROR software development that represents your startup, choose ROR and Ruby development. Start using ROR today to be more productive and grow your startup today!

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