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Create a Better Customer Experience with Progressive Web Apps

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Every business strives to provide top-quality customer service, as this is the best way to retain customers in the long term. Progressive web apps (PWAs) are one of the latest ways to do this. Instead of creating an app that needs to be downloaded, PWAs can be used to increase engagement and improve any visitor’s experience with the business.

Take Advantage of Features of Smartphones

Studies have shown, especially following the pandemic, more people are using smartphones to shop online. Businesses ready to take advantage of this trend can work with iPhone app developers to create a custom app. However, there is an alternative to consider, as well. Business owners may want to take advantage of many of the smartphone features without developing a stand-alone app and boost the experience customers have when they visit the website. The way to do this is through progressive web apps.

Create a Custom Experience for Visitors

PWAs allow businesses to create a completely customized experience for visitors when they check out the website on a smartphone. It’s possible to make logging in easier using biometrics, to make the website load faster using the phone’s cache, and to take advantage of other features to show customers more products they might be interested in or to help them find what they need quickly and easily. A custom experience is more likely to get the customer to visit again and again, increasing engagement and sales.

Instant Use for Customers

One of the biggest benefits of a PWA is that it provides instant use for consumers. There’s no need to download an app, as the progressive web app automatically loads when the website is opened. Since there is no app to download, there’s also no need to update anything. Consumers have nothing to worry about; they can simply click on a link to view the web app whenever they’d like from their smartphone.

Add to Home Screen for Easy Access

Customers want easy access to the things they need, and a PWA provides that. The site can be added to the home screen, making it much easier to access whenever the consumer desires. Due to the way the app is stored on the phone and loaded, it appears instantly when someone clicks the button on their home screen. There’s no waiting for it to load. It’s reliable and easy to access, making it more likely the customer will continue using it and purchasing from the business in the future.

Simplify the Payment Process

Since the PWA is on the user’s smartphone, it can take advantage of wallets built into the phone to provide easier ways to make a payment. When the user checks out, they can opt to use information already stored on their phone, so they don’t need to enter payment info. They can then use biometrics to make the checkout process even easier and faster. This leads to a better overall experience since consumers can quickly make their purchase and get back to anything else they were doing.

Push Notifications to Users

Like a native app, PWAs offer the ability to push notifications to users. These have been increasing in use in the last few years due to the potential to increase engagement and purchases. With push notifications, it’s possible to let consumers know if they left something in their cart, to make sure they’re aware of specials or new products, and to provide any new information they might need before they make a purchase. Businesses who use push notifications through a PWA may find an increase in conversion rates as well as fewer abandoned shopping carts, as consumers will be reminded of potential purchases.

Though the upcoming year, many businesses are going to be focusing on ways to create a better customer experience and ensure customers can easily access what they need. One of the ways to do this is through a progressive web app, combining the website with an app that customers can use on their smartphone. Consider all of the benefits mentioned here to determine if this might be the right option for your business. While it can increase the cost associated with website design, it’s far likely to increase conversion rates and sales, as well, helping your business grow.

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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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