How to Download Gmail Emails With Attachments?

No matter what your reason is to download Gmail emails with attachments, whether you are switching out or just taking backup. Here, in this article, we will list 2 of the best solutions to archive Gmail emails in multiple file format. You can choose the method that suits your requirement and complete your task.

Methods to Download Gmail Emails with Attachments

Depending upon your requirements, formats required to download emails can vary, such as:

  • If you just want to read/access your emails offline, then best format is .pdf
  • To move emails to MS Outlook, use .pst format
  • To use email in popular email clients such as thunderbird, eudora, apple mail, etc., use .mbox format.
  • For migration to different email service use .eml or .msg file format.

And, depending upon your destination format, the methods to download them may also vary:

1. Use Google Takeout to Download Emails and Attachment from Gmail Account in .mbox format.

2. Use Automated Solution to download emails in all the above mentioned file format.

Method 1: Use Google Takeaway to Download Gmail emails with attachments

Google Takeout is a solution for all users of free or paid Gmail accounts. It is a solution to directly download emails in .mbox file format.

You can use Google Takeout to do the following:

  • Move the image collection to the laptop for editing.
  • Reset the seed of Outlook, Apple contacts or calendar.
  • Free up space on Google Drive by archiving old documents on physical media.
  • Create redundant repositories of important documents to be archived on other cloud services.

Steps to download Gmail emails with attachments from your Gmail account:

  • Open Google and click the profile photo icon in the top right corner.
  • Choose Manage your Google Account from the form that appears.
  • From data and personalization tab, click on “Download, delete or schedule data” & then “Download data”.
  • Use “Download data” button to download Gmail emails with attachments.
  • Select “Deselect all” under “Select data to include” in Google Export
  • Select “Mail” to download all Gmail emails
  • Normally, select all emails to export all Gmail emails in bulk.

 Note: You can also use the “Include all data” link to export only the selected tags.

  • Click Next
  • Now, to customize the download, select the file type and size.

Tip: Choose .zip for most needs. .tgz files are suitable for large archives using Linux or Unix.

  •  Choose ‘Delivery Method’ as ‘send download link via email’.

Note: You can choose to download the generated file after adding it to an online drive (such as Google Drive or OneDrive), then receive the download link directly from Gmail (via email). Note that email archives can be large and consume storage quotas on online drives.

  • If you want to create a backup, Gmail can help you regularly: under “Frequency” select “Export every 2 months for a period of 1 year”, otherwise select “Export once”.
  • Under File type and size, select the maximum size of a single file that can be exported.
  • Choose the file type and size. Click Create Export.

Note: If you export email data to an online drive, click the linked account, create an export, and log in to Google when prompted to access the drive.

If you have chosen to send the download link by email, click the link to manage the files in the received email.

Tip: As long as you can archive files using Gmail email, you can always open the download page directly and check the archive status or download again.

  1. Click Show Export to get the required email archive.

    2. Click “Show Export” to view the bulk Gmail export files created, which can be downloaded

    3. Click “Download” to get the required Gmail archive file.

Method #2: Automated Method To Download All Emails in Multiple Format

Use automated PCVITA Gmail backup tool to archive Gmail emails into multiple file-formats This utility is specifically designed to overcome all the limitation of Google Takeout and provides the option to download emails and attachments in PST, MBOX, PDF, EML, and MSG file formats. Moreover, it also offers date range and folder filter for downloading specific folder emails and simultaneously delete them from server to create free space in your account.

Apart from Emails, it also offers to download other application data such as calendars, contacts, drives. And, save all the downloaded data at desired location: computer, hard drive, pen drive, etc.

To know how the tool works, visit the official website and check more features and working of the tool.

Final Thoughts

This article explains how to download Gmail emails with attachments account in simplest manner. Here, we have listed 2 solution to download your data, one using Google takeout that download emails in MBOX and another is via automated backup solution to download emails in multiple file formats. You can check both the solution and opt the one that best suits your requirement.

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