Top 10 AI Technologies That Will Rock the World

Top 10 AI Technologies

Giving rise to a machinery that can exhibit actions and mimic the human intelligence, (not exactly with the same efficiency) Alan Turing’s question gave rise to the start and development of AI.

With its vast and expansive goal, Artificial Intelligence has brought forth tons of debates and questions with not one single definition to describe the respective term.

DataRobot CEO, Jeremy Achin has sorted out the definition of AI by stating in the beginning of the speech,

‘AI is a computer system that is capable of executing tasks that normally demand human intelligence.’

Over time AI has immensely evolved with newest technologies transpiring into the world. The turning test by Alan Turing gave birth to the idea of AI. Following are some of the best, most popular AI technologies that have changed the world,

1. Smart Devices

Devices such as smart,

– Security Cameras
– Speakers
– Television
– Watches
– Phones & Keychains etc.

Are proving to be highly useful in our daily lives. They are feasible and immensely convenient, bringing little ease in our jam packed schedules.

These are sensitive devices, working by interacting with users and other devices through inbuilt sensors.

Smart devices are the best and most popular AI technology in the industry.

2. Self-Driving Cars

Unbelievable, yeah? Who could’ve imagined there will be cars driving all by themselves?
Believe it or not, it’s true. These cars drive independently with help of sensors and AI technology used. This helps reduce accidents along with keeping the environment of the vehicle in check. What part does AI play here is that it understand the information delivered by the sensors and respond to it.

3. Virtual Agents

Who could have imagined with newest technology, you wouldn’t even need to spend on an assistant? These are animated, computer – generated online assistant who mimics the characteristics of a human.

From being a constant reminder, doing small things like making a reservation or placing an order online if you are looking for online dissertation help London scholars approve, to leading your discussions with clients with an amazing output.

4. Natural Language Generation

Smart devices are machines and should communicate in a computing language but what allows these smart devices to communicate accurate ideas in a basic normally spoken language in a human world is Natural Language Generation. It is an AI that is capable of converting raw data into text thus, is used to make impeccably detailed reports.

5. Augmented Reality

This is the most fun and interactive technology in the list. You have also came across one if used snapchat lens or Pokémon go!

Augmented reality modify the perception of the world through blending the generated characters and animation with the surrounding. It is basically a digital manipulation of the users’ surrounding and information, one can wear special goggles to foresee and understand finished projects even when in reality, and they are not.

Fascinating, isn’t it? The booming AI industry has boggled up so many minds with its unimaginable innovation over the years. Some claim there are going to be flying cars by 2025. Who knows? When there are talking and mind reading machines, why not flying cars?

While you think about it lets get back to few of more AI technologies, to further leave yourself wonderstruck!

6. Machine Learning

Here comes a subset of AI which keeps your Virtual Assistant updated and allows a platform for it to be more effective and efficient with time.

Machine Learning enables machines to automatically learn by themselves rather than being distinctly programmed. This let systems to learn from their own experience. Certain algorithm are required that use certain set of training data which enables systems to learn automatically. Machine Learning platforms can examine, classify and foreshow data thus are widely used for prediction and categorization.

7. Deep Learning

Similar to machine learning, deep learning, process data and create ways to make a decision through copying the neural circuits of a human brain. Number of deep learning applications are recognition of speech and image along with predicting anything that the sensors can pick up in the digital sphere. Deep Instinct, Leverton, Pelt Arian etc. are few of the platforms providing deep learning.

8. Content Creation

Although content refers to ads, blogs, videos & writing papers and it is created by people however, brands like USA Today and others are utilizing AI to develop and generate content. A creation of one of the popular tools by Automated Insights is Wordsmith which generates news through the use of Natural Language Processing (another unique and known AI).

9. Image & Emotion Recognition

Unlocking your phone through face recognition is basically what image recognition is. It identifies an image or a feature in a video. It helps detect license plates and thus helps the process of image searches to speed up and make a lot easier. Providing this technology service are Clarifai, SenseTime, GuGums’ etc.

While emotion recognition is similar to image, respective Artificial Intelligence technology allows the expressed emotions by human to be read and interpreted with the help of image and audio data processing. This technology is often brought to use by law enforcers during interrogation to detect lies.

10. Bio – Metrics

Remember when you forgot the password and couldn’t access the important documents and how much easier it is, now that fingerprint lock has eliminated the chances of losing those precious documents over forgetfulness?

Yeah, that’s what AI has done. It has brought life in the ordinary things and has evolved the world with its newest yet most feasible technologies such as, bio – metrics.

Bio metrics enable machines and humans to interact through the sense of touch, image, speech and body language. It revolves around recognizing and examining the surrounding physical features of a body’s’ structure and behavior.

The ultimate aim of AI is to create machines that can solve problems and can achieve goals like human can.

Thanks to such technologies for enabling us to live a much easier life where machines mimics human intelligence with impressive accuracy!

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