8 Easy Steps to Develop Your First iOS App

Developing the first app has its own charm and excitement. It also has its own challenges, doubts, and nervousness attached. Every developer needs some reference and guidance to get to the other end of the development.

If you are on the verge of developing your first iOS app, this blog might be what might come in handy for you. We present to you a stepwise guide on iOS application development newbie developers can follow and don’t get baffled with how to start and where to end.

Without wasting a moment let’s get started with the steps:

  • Idea

It all about how unique and innovative an idea you have. To make your app successful, you need something different from what others are offering. Along with a good idea, it is also equally important to see whether the idea is practically possible to implement in the real world or not. Sometimes the idea is great when we listen to it but its practical implementation is really challenging and you don’t want to take a big challenge in your first project itself.

  • Planning

After you decide on the idea, the next step is planning the execution of that idea. Weigh the idea and see if it is actually the one that can generate better revenue from the app. The ultimate agenda of developing an iOS app is to make money from it. So, access your app from every angle and see if it pans out fruitful from all angles. The risk factor always stays but how much risk is worth taking is one of the important factors to consider during the planning stage.

 Other important factors to consider at this very stage are the development period, estimated budget, language to use for development, app launch, app name, app description, and every other element.

  • Design

One of the most important elements in the process is mobile app design. Design is the first thing where the user lands. Hence, it is very crucial to make the design look attractive. At the same time, it has to be flawless as well. The app must look good and work well at the same time. For example; if it is based on a guide to dissertation help London specific, then, the design should complement the idea specifically. An app that looks good but doesn’t work well and an app that works well but doesn’t look good doesn’t work from the user’s perspective.

  • Development

This is where the iOS developer comes most importantly in the picture. This is your shot where you have to ace it. Some of the things you need to must look out for during development are as follows:

Get Xcode

If you already have it, you can easily skip the step. If you want to develop an iPhone app, you will need an SDK which is provided in the Xcode. Awakening: Xcode runs only on mac. So, if you don’t currently have a mac and work on other systems like Linux or Windows, you need a mac ASAP.

Setup Project in Xcode

Here is the process of setting up your project in Xcode:

Open Xcode

Go to File>Go to new>Project

Click on the single view app and click next.

Name it Hello World

Choose whether you want to develop an iPhone app, iPad app, or an app that works on all devices.

Ensure to use Storyboards and use automatic reference counting and check it twice.

Click on the Next button.

Move to wherever you want to save the file and click on the create button.

Create Code

All the steps of the process are equally important but this one is at the topmost priority as you are a developer. Keep the code as simple as possible. Complex code will make your work even more difficult. Also, the code needs maintenance after a period of time. A complex code will be difficult to maintain and manage. As this is your first app as an iOS developer, it is very important to make your app simple and flawless at the same time.

  • Testing

Only a fool will deploy their app by testing it first. You are a newbie with your first app but definitely not a fool. Make sure to test your app from different perspectives and see if it works without any bug or error. Check if all the functions are working just fine or having any glitch.

You can also have beta testing with a selected set of users for knowing whether the app is perfect or not. Create a sheet of all the bugs and solve it before it goes live. If everything works well in this phase of iOS app development, you are good to go. If not, your app still needs some work to be done.

  • Pre-Launch Marketing

Getting the word out about your app before it actually hits the market is very important. The chances of your first iOS app becoming a success increase with this. Promote your new launch on all the trending social media platforms and popular websites to create buzz.

  • Deployment

If you think this is the last step of developing your iOS app, you are totally wrong. There is a lot that goes even after the app goes live in the Apple app store. Make sure the app has the proper app name, app title, app description, and every other requirement is properly fulfilled.

  • iOS App Maintenance

Every successful app has a talented and experienced iPhone app development company to maintain its app. This includes fixing any existing bugs, adding new, advanced, and latest features, rolling new updates in a timely manner.

Wrapping Up

Here are all the steps you will need to develop your first-ever iPhone application. Make sure to follow each one properly and create an amazing app.

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Written by Sara Cave

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