What is Field Marketing and Why Does It Matter?

Over the last decade, Indian businesses have shifted toward a more push-based business strategy. The introduction of an active field sales team was necessitated by the intense competition between numerous businesses supplying identical items inside and out. And automating field sales teams brings with it many advantages.

What is field marketing?

Field marketing is a set of activities executed by highly skilled marketers to support a client’s or company’s efforts in brand building, lead generation, and customer relationship management. Targeted direct sales promotions, merchandising, auditing, sampling, demonstration, experiential marketing, arranging roadshows, and events are ways by which this is carried out.

Why is it important?

Field Marketing strategy may help to discover patterns and possibilities in the sales cycle or can test the company’s new marketing concepts. You save up on sales and marketing time and build confidence with the opportunity to forge great relationships with the customers and create better processes. Field marketing has many benefits, some of which are discussed below.


Enhances Brand Awareness

Field marketing allows companies to engage directly with their target population and provide them firsthand experience with the brand. Field marketing strategy is frequently used at points of sale or during specific events such as roadshows, exhibitions, webinars, etc.

Tying in field force automation to this will make things simpler in this aspect. Field marketers can respond in real-time during product demos, onboarding, events, webinars, and POS transactions, they are most equipped to deal with skeptical consumers.

Increases the sales effort

Field sales teams are swamped with quality leads that marketing teams have funneled into the sales funnel. They may not have the capacity to onboard or nurture consumers as they get more familiar with a product or service.

Sales tracking software can aid in easing this pain point. Keeping track of these leads, enabling automated onboarding can minimize time spent in nurturing consumers while the teams focus on other important work.

Improves Customer Relations

Field marketing contributes to a consistent customer experience wherever and wherever the consumer interacts with the business. Sales force automation also keeps track of customer behavior thus aiding in keeping track of their choices, patterns, etc.

Measurable ROI

Successful campaigns on the field provide real and verifiable outcomes. The usage of Field Service Software, in turn, gives you access to reports, which can be accessed on various devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, enabling brands to create real-time reports.

Product managers and owners can check these reports and information gathered in real-time via dashboards and understand how their field campaigns work.

Precise targeting

Field marketing strategy activities include sales promotions, onboarding, nurturing, sampling, demos, experiential marketing, event organization, roadshow, and conferences. Field marketers responsible for these activities, after understanding their target audience, choose locations, internal (and external) specialists, as well as marketing collateral. Automation of these processes saves time and effort and helps field sales teams to engage with their target audience in a way such that they meet their demands.

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