Why It Is A Good Idea for ITSPs To Invest In Multi-Tenant IP PBX

For ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), the IP PBX provides a complete telephony system. ITSPs can use IP PBX Software to provide telephone calls over IP data networks to their customers. The IP (Internet Protocol) PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a system that facilitates flawless communication for a business by linking telephone extensions to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). The system helps to manage inbound and outbound calls using an internet connection. The IP PBX system works by converting analog voice signals into digital signals. After converting the signal, the system transfers the call to the VoIP service provider to handle the initiation or termination of every call.

Many businesses prefer having an on-premise IP PBX solution. However, sometimes it can be really challenging for ITSPs to manage an in-house IP PBX system to serve a huge number of customers including resellers and businesses from different locations. In such a case, one of the best solutions can be multi-tenant IP PBX software. So, what is a multi-tenant IP PBX? Well, multi-tenant IP PBX Software is an absolute communication solution for all kinds and sizes of businesses including small, medium, and large size businesses. The solution helps ITSPs in providing hosted PBX services to a large number of customers while keeping the whole communication flow smoother and faster.

How Multi-tenant IP PBX System Works for Businesses?

When having an on-premise IP PBX system, businesses need to make frequent upgrades to keep pace with the changing communication requirements. Moreover, frequent maintenance can also be quite expensive. However, with hosted multi-tenant IP PBX model, businesses can take off a lot of burdens like maintaining the in-house system, maintenance costs associated with hardware, the cost of hiring IT professionals to operate and manage the system, etc. The company that is hosting the IP PBX software will be responsible for making upgrades while helping businesses efficiently handle the communication process regardless of whether customers are using IP Phones, PSTN, or Softphones.

A multi-tenant IP PBX system allows users to easily manage multiple customers or tenants with a single, well-managed communication solution from a central office or location. While offering a unified communication experience to the customers, the system helps businesses in reducing their operating costs to a great extent.

Benefits of Multi-tenant IP PBX System

Some of the key benefits of multi-tenant IP PBX system for ITSPs include:

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR): Least Cost Routing or LCR is a system that allows businesses to route the call traffic based on the cost. In simple words, using the LCR method, the routing of inbound and outbound communication traffic can be predefined through the service providers which are least expensive.
  • BLF & Presence: The BLF and Presence feature allows businesses to configure their IP phones with Busy Lamp Field (BLF) functionality. This feature helps ITSPs to detect whether an extension is busy or free to call.
  • Integrated Payment Gateway: Many service providers allow customers to pay their invoices via integrated payment gateways. Most multi-tenant hosted IP PBX systems comprise automatic billing and payment gateway integration within the software. The integration facilitates a quick, simple, and smooth payment procedure. The postpaid users on receiving the invoice can use the payment option to turn on the payment gateway and make a payment from the software. The software helps Internet Telephony Service Providers by automatically keeping track of a number of customers, invoices, payments, etc. Without creating any confusion, the system ensures that everything goes smoothly starting from the billing generation to payment receipt.
  • Auto Provisioning: Another key benefit of utilizing a multi-tenant IP PBX solution is auto-provision. The auto-provisioning feature can enhance the overall functionality of business operations while reducing manual tasks to a great extent. The customers can easily and quickly set up SIP phones into the network and make modifications in services by themselves as per their requirement using a web browser or any other interface.
  • Reseller Module: The multi-tenant IP PBX system also allows businesses to create their resellers so that the resellers can sell the service to their customers. This way, businesses can easily expand their reach by connecting with more potential customers and ultimately increase their ROI.


Looking at all the above-mentioned benefits, it would be right to say that investing in multi-tenant IP PBX software makes a lot of sense. It not only saves a lot of costs for the ITSPs but also helps them to enhance the overall functionality of their business by improving their efficiency and enhancing the customer service experience.

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