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Five Ways a Hotel Software can Optimize Your Property for Profit

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The new year 2022 is going to bring new traveling opportunities for people all over the globe. Is your hotel property ready for handling the traffic and giving your guests an experience of a lifetime?

The reality of the hotel industry is that many properties are still using legacy PMS or pen and paper approaches to manage guests and various operations of their property. In today’s world where guests need modern services and high-end facilities during their stay, a legacy PMS just cannot work to meet the demands of the guests.

So, what can be the solution here? It’s simple, really. Property managers need to make the switch to a cloud based hotel management software that will bring their properties up to scale with the latest and greatest in the hotel industry. Cloud hotel software is superior to the legacy or pen and paper systems in every way. Cloud software is safe, secure, and fast enough to meet the needs and demands of even the busiest hotel properties.

Here are five ways in which a cloud based hotel management software can help you to prepare your property for maximum profits in 2022.

1)  Automate Front Desk Processes

The front desk of a hotel is the primary interaction point between the hotel staff and the guests. By automating the front desk processes like check-in and check-out, property managers can speed-up the entry and exit of guests. Automated processes also give the guests more time to relax and enjoy their stay while reducing the need for paperwork. With cloud software guests can:

  • Check in through link sent over SMS/email to guests
  • Get a more personalized stay experience
  • Pay for their stay through multiple payment methods
  • Get offers and rebates for repeat stay at the same property

2)  Mobile Access for Property Managers and Staff

With cloud hotel software, property managers need not be at the location to manage the different tasks at the property. Mobile access to cloud software requires only an internet connected device and managers can offer instructions to the staff as they see fit, and may see reports too. Another advantage of mobile access is that the managers can manage multiple properties from the same device. Whether you are using the software on a tablet, you can expect the same ease of use and speed that you see on desktop or laptop.

Housekeeping staff can also get access to the relevant PMS sections where they can mark the rooms that have been cleaned so that the managers can assign the rooms to the next set of guests.

3)  In-Depth Performance Reports

One of the most crucial ways in which a hotel software can help to maximize profits is by providing you with in-depth reports about the business performance of the property. From the sales and occupancy rates to returning guests, you can get reports about all these metrics and much more in the formats of your choice.

By examining these reports, you can make an informed decision about the areas of the hotel operation and revenue that need improvements. You can further tweak hotel property operations and get real time reports to see what works and what doesn’t. What’s more, you can get reports on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis to identify patterns and take profitable marketing decisions.

4)  Seamless Third Party Integrations

Are you using OTAs (Online Travel Agents) such as Expedia,, and for your room booking needs? A modern hotel software can seamlessly integrate with these OTAs to give you an extensive boost in the incoming traffic. The channel manager section of the cloud PMS will allow you to interact with these OTAs and update the status of the rooms that are booked and the rooms that are empty.

A cloud-based hotel management software also integrates with payment processing applications to provide your guests with a hassle free experience for paying bills at the frontdesk. Guests using different types of cards to make payments can also rest assured that the payment from their card will be accepted with ease.

5)  Affordable

Cloud-software is really affordable considering all the benefits of the system. With legacy software, there were expenses related to IT infrastructure and IT personnel. With cloud-based hotel management software, the hardware costs are greatly reduced, and the software can be updated by the service provider. In all, the whole deal comes out to be really affordable for the hotel property owners. Some more ways in which hotel software is affordable are:

  • No training costs for the staff
  • Runs on virtually any modern hardware

To Sum Up

If you are still on the fence about choosing a cloud-based hotel management software, it’s time to make a choice. A cloud PMS will not only help you to supercharge your business, but it will also prepare your business for future changes in the hotel industry. A reliable cloud PMS like mycloud Hospitality can help you to take your business to the next level of profitability. An award-winning software, mycloud Hospitality is used by hotel properties all over the world with great results. You can check out more by browsing through

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