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Why CRM is an Integral Part of your Digital Strategy?


Want to contact a brand to tell or complain about their product? Message them on Facebook, give them a call, DM on Instagram, and email them? There are multiple options today for customers to contact a business, and this brings great responsibility to brands and companies to ensure seamless and smart communications.

A digital strategy helps a company or an organization improve its business benefits of data assets and technology-focused initiatives. With the advancement in technology, it is becoming important for marketers to adapt to new trends. Data has power; hence every interaction that is made, including reading, surfing, clicking, or purchasing, is recorded and used to make the customer experience better.

To be competitive in today’s world, you have to keep up with the latest technologies, and including a CRM in your digital strategy has become more important than ever. CRM is often thought of as a system that contains information about customers. However, it isn’t only limited to that.

Building Blocks of A CRM

A CRM helps using technologies and online communication channels by creating a seamless flow. It also helps in strengthening the client relationship with a brand. Following are the building blocks of a CRM:

  1. Vision
  2. Strategy
  3. Metrics
  4. Collaboration
  5. Customer Experience.
  6. Processes
  7. Information
  8. Technology

Importance of a CRM

In today’s era, the customer has become the top-most priority of any business. According to a survey by Customer Management IQ, 76% of customer management executives and leaders believe customer experience was of high priority to their business.

There are different types of CRM used, including retail CRM, Real Estate CRM, sales CRM, etc. As per Gartner, more than 89% of companies are competing mostly on the basis of customer experience. These stats indicate how important customer relationship is in today’s time.

A few benefits of having a CRM are:

  • Builds Stronger Relationship
  • Increases engagement
  • Creates Effective Campaigns
  • Reduces Cost

Why CRM Is an Integral Part of Your Digital Strategy

A CRM can help your business grow in ways that you cannot imagine. Now that we know the importance of customers for businesses, let’s have a look at a few important reasons why CRM is an important part of your digital strategy:

1.     Increases Awareness

By using a CRM, you get to have an oversight of your customer’s activity. As your customer lands on your homepage, he navigates his way towards the e-store; whether he purchases or exits without making a purchase, you can see it.

At any point in the sales funnel, you can spot the activities of your customer. This helps in target marketing as you can send personalized emails and messages to potential customers. For example, if someone opened a registration form for a webinar and let the website midway, you can reach out to them using an email persuading them to sign up for the webinar.

2.     Automated Alerts

A CRM system can help notify you when your help or intervention is required. Depending on bots for customer service is efficient and effective; however, you cannot fully rely on bots for everything.

A CRM can help you remind for human interaction with a customer or when you need to give your input. If you want to call a customer who has recently purchased an item from your store, a CRM will prompt you to call them.

Similarly, if there is a query that needs to be resolved by a human, your CRM would be there to alert you. This is an integral part of improving your customer relationship and manage clients without any stress on being online 24/7.

3.     Adds Consistency

One thing that a CRM can help your business is through developing consistency. Managing contact information and creating a consistent relationship with them is integral to every business’s growth.

If you are talking to a client, something that they have already discussed or been informed of is embarrassing. A CRM system helps you segmentize your communication with the client.

For example, if you have a regular client that has signed up for your webinar, then there is no need to persuade them to sign up for it. A CRM will help you improve your segmentation for a better-targeted campaign.

4.     Better Customer Insights

There are multiple insight tools available online which can help you understand the customer behavior, however, CRM doesn’t work that way. A CRM requires you to intervene when required.

You can send hundreds of emails and messages to your clients; however, you need to get their feedback as well and strategize your campaigns according to that. The more you know about your customer and their views about your product, the better it is for your business.

For example, I recently purchased an item from an e-store, and they messaged to ask me about my experience, I told them how I was unsatisfied with their services, and they assigned a manager who then listened to what I had to say and offered me a discount voucher on next purchase.

5.     Improves Engagement

Through the data that is being provided to you by the CRM, you are initiating conversations. By interacting with your customers, getting their feedback, and understanding their needs, you are creating engagement with them.

Engagement is integral to businesses, and when you initiate content or messages which are leading to engagement, your business is growing. This will help increase brand loyalty and sales with a better brand image.

Wrapping up

You can get an in-depth analysis of consumer behavior, needs, and wants by using a CRM. It will help your business grow and get a better sight of customers. Having a CRM can help support your digital strategies and get better at campaigns with time.

However, you must ensure the accuracy and usefulness of the data that you are adding to your system. You must delete the data that is of no importance and review data regularly to ensure accuracy. There are chances of human errors as well, which can be avoided through checks.

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