8 Ways You Are Doing Google Ads Wrong And How To Make It Right

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For any reason, if you cannot see the expected return on your investment (ROI) from the PPC campaign, the chances are that you might be missing out on a few things. Here are a few practices that you might be doing the wrong way and perhaps wasting your budget. So let’s take a look at them.

The odds are that you will have a dedicated resource and, at the same time, an outsourced resource. Or, it might be that you are that guy who has been given the responsibility of managing a team or handling the Google ad stuff appropriately. However, irrespective of the responsibility and the structure, it is important to note that no matter how good a google ad account is doing or giving returns or not, Google will always be happy to accept whenever you give money to it. Therefore, you must not be overlooking a few of the basic things or unknowingly making any mistake. Discussed below are a few essential things that you must do to ensure that you are not missing out on anything essential or losing money.

Assumption That The Previously Responsible Person Had Everything Optimized

There are many considerations when it comes to managing a Google Ad account. Unfortunately, the most experienced person will sometimes overlook something in the process of updating their settings, and these mistakes can lead to costly mistakes for your business.

In case you have just opened an account or did not think about blowing everything up and starting from scratch, there is still likely some baggage that may be unknowingly carried with you on this journey- well, maybe more than one type! In addition, there might be lots of differences in opinion as to how best to handle running such google ad campaigns, while others might disagree entirely on what should happen next.

To avoid such a scenario, it is strongly recommended that a proper audit be done and not take anything for granted. It does not matter how trusted the previous person might be or how well you know that person. You must spend adequate time thoroughly understanding the process, system, structure, accounts, and match. That way, you will always have first-hand information about the what and how aspects of the ad campaign and deep knowledge about the strategy and process.

Uncustomized Settings For The Needs

Many are not aware that google ad accounts come with a lot of defaults and one size fits all systems. There would be a lot of danger involved if you have ignored the settings fully or have not routinely reviewed them.

One such example would be the settings involved in targeting a particular region, country, or a defined radius. For example, the setting applies while targeting people in or interested in a particular region.

On the opposite hand, if you want your advertisement on physical things like billboards, then it’s essential to prepare correctly for this type of advertising – ensuring any fields needed, such as size or orientation, among others, have been appropriately configured beforehand!

Another setting that needs to be carefully reviewed is the auto-applied ad setting. If Google has forwarded the ad adjustment recommendation and you don’t turn it off or edit or review it within a couple of weeks, the settings will automatically apply themselves. Proper settings are critical since it is always a good practice to have complete control of the account settings and restrict automated settings to a minimum possible.

Irregular Audits

An initial audit is never enough when taking charge of anything–a full-fledged audit must be done at least once every year to stay on top of things like financial records or employee accounts.

Skipping Competitor Analysis

Researching the audience for determining the right targeting for keywords, remarketing, placements, and matched lists is crucial for setting up an account. Once that is done, the next thing to do is optimization at regular intervals.

However, apart from the audience, the focus should be on competitors as well. The focus should be on what they are spending, their ad content, keywords being targeted, and what adjustments they have made.

Overuse Of Broad Match And Lack Of Good Strategies

You must be intentional enough to use broad match, dynamic advertisement, or other factors. In addition, you need to know where your prospecting will go and what the potential outcome may be like for that location before implementing these strategies.

Disappropriate Focus On the Quality Score

Yes, a quality score is very important. However, it is not the only thing that matters. You must be aware of how it could be blinding you from the other essential aspects. Therefore, it is important to check once in a while that things are doing well enough or not.


When adequate oversight is not given to a campaign, it can lead to a lot of inconsistencies. As a result, there is a possibility of losing traffic overnight along with rising costs. It is especially true if the auto-pilot mode is enabled all this time.

There is no doubt that Google Ad is a powerful platform that can drive traffic to your website, awareness, and conversions. If an account is adequately fine-tuned and optimized, it is highly likely to give a good return on investment and help achieve the digital marketing goals.

Silo Operation

Paid search can be more of a silo than any other digital marketing channel, but that doesn’t mean it should stay in the dark. Instead, you must keep an eye on your strategies to avoid becoming too invested with paid media and forgetting about everything else.

Time and money are the most significant resources, and they must be invested in a way so that the greatest possible return can be achieved. The great thing about investing time and money is that you get a return on what you invest.

The upside with this investment method is being empowered more than ever before as well as never missing out on something new coming down the pipeline at us full speed ahead!

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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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