Best SEO Tools for Auditing & Monitoring Your Website

Websites have become a significant part of online marketing, showcasing, and selling products. But, the websites need to be monitored regularly to check any flaws that could impact their performance. What if your website rank drops suddenly? How to maintain regular traffic on your website? Is your website providing a good user experience? To manage your website resources effectively, auditing and monitoring the website is inevitable. Here is the list of best SEO Tools:


Ahref is an advanced website management tool. It provides wonderful features to monitor your content, generate a list of keywords, and build your website ranking profiles. Do you want to check your website performance? It is the second-fastest crawler on the internet. The main features of Ahref are:

Website Analysis: It gives you a complete investigative report of the website. You can check SEO health scores, any major SEO issue affecting the website, and possible tips to solve them.

Site audit parameters: SEO marketers can have a look at more than 100 parameters like:

  1. Tags: It deeply analyses all the tags used on the web pages like heading tags, image alt tags, and even HTML tags.
  2. Performance: It displays any slow web pages or flags problems in CSS.
  3. Links: It gives you exhaustive information about URLs like backlinks or internal links on your website.

Content Explorer: What is the quality of your content? For example, word count, duplicate pages, keywords description, and others.


SEMrush is a comprehensive tool for technical SEO audit and onsite improvement of websites. It covers everything from finding and fixing any on-page SEO problems to increase your rankings on SERPs.

SEO experts can create desires optimization priority lists with SEMrush. It gives SEO signals according to the gravity of the problem, like errors, warnings, and notifications. Furthermore, other factors covered by SEMrush are:

  1. If your website is running across many countries, SEMrush provides you with international SEO solutions; let it be the correct usage of hreflangs or desired versions of web pages for different clients.
  2. Do you know the wrong website structure can increase your crawl budget? SEMrush keeps track of this issue as well.
  3. It assists in giving the best user experience by monitoring the page speed, security of the website, and internal linking problems.

Furthermore, you can contact SEO company India for doing website auditing and monitoring with SEMrush smoothly.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is the best tool for examining your website’s onsite SEO. It reveals SEO common issues with great precision and accuracy. Do you that it crawls up to 500 URLs completely free? Other irresistible parameters are:

  1. SEO marketers can access audit reports of unnecessary redirects, redirects due to coding errors, and redirects that could lead to Google Penalty.
  2. Screaming frog crawlers gives a list of broken links and server errors. Additionally, developers can fix these errors in no time by exporting source URLs.
  3. It gives a detailed analysis of meta description, page title and lets you discover duplicate content.

Other than that, it even generates XML and image sitemaps and collects necessary information from the website’s CSS.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the ultimate SEO tool to track to calculate genuine real-time traffic. It gives you complete insights on website performance by recognizing and fixing optimization issues. It covers:

  1. You can check which search queries bring maximum traffic to your site. Furthermore, you can see the site’s new impressions, clicks, demographics, and SERPs rankings.
  2. If you want to check whether your site gets indexed on Google, then submit your sitemap and URLs on Google Search Console.
  3. Next, Google leaves email alerts to you if it detects any performance issues on your site.


Web admins can’t escape website auditing and monitoring to achieve optimal web results. Best SEO tools inspect maximum SEO parameters, give timely results, and are the easiest way for reviewing the website periodically. So, which one of the above tools suits best for you?

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