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How to Establish Your Brand

How to Establish Your Brand

Being a small business owner is by no means easy. There is a lot of effort and requirements that go into taking that sort of career path. One of the most challenging of the selection is trying to establish a brand. This is essentially how consumers will recognize your business. For example, some of the most popular brands in the world are the likes of McDonald’s, Nike, and Apple. From their logos to their slogans, these brands are now trustworthy and respected by consumers all across the globe.

You want to make your brand both stand out as well as speak for what your business is all about. It’s a really essential part of having a successful business built for growth. If you don’t put enough effort into this, you’ll find yourself hitting some major roadblocks in terms of business development. So what do you need to do to truly establish your brand?

Name, Slogan, and Logo

Your brand is essentially made up of three things. They are your brand name, slogan, and logo. The name should clearly indicate what type of establishment you are running. It shouldn’t leave consumers with much question whether or not they are in the right place or not. A slogan is a catchphrase that helps further the style of your brand. While your logo is what makes the brand recognisable.

Using Branding Within the Business

Your brand should be very apparent all the way throughout your business. If you are an in-store business, the front of the building should have the name and logo very clear to see. As well as posters and advertisements set within the company’s brand style. Then when it comes to the interior of the store your brand should be even more recognisable. Uniforms for the floor staff help to set them apart from others as well as showing off your brand and style of business. Labelling solutions, like Pro Motion Industries, can help businesses. It is important as it helps induce clarity among the customers, as well as helping them associate products with your brand. Finally the likes of receipts and purchase bags should include a logo. This means that your brand is being brought out of the store and into the public.

For online businesses, emails should be signed off with the company name and logo. As well as this, your brand should be apparent throughout both the website and social media outlets. This means that any consumers scrolling throughout will easily notice your brand.

Identifying Target Audience

Your brand should be appealing to your target audience. After all, these are the consumers whose attention you are trying to get the most. This means the designs, colour schemes, and slogans should all be carefully designed to suit the target audience. For example, McDonald’s is advertised as a family friendly restaurant. It is for these reasons they have a bright and friendly colour scheme, simple logo, and catchy slogan suitable for children. So if you own a family diner, this is the type of approach you should go for. While if you are opening a trendy fashion store or young person’s bar, a more slick and stylish approach is better.

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