Wireless is the Future! Why it's Perfect for Every Company

“You may have seen the headlines: Wi-Fi is now as important as water and electricity in today’s economy. With so many consumers relying on their smartphones, tablets and laptops to get work done, stay connected with friends and family, or just watch a video at home, it’s crucial for your business to offer Wi-Fi.”

“But what if you don’t yet? Don’t worry – we’re here to help! We’ve put together 12 reasons why your business needs wireless internet access now.”

##12 Reasons Your Business Needs Wi-Fi Now

#1.  Increase foot traffic

If you’re trying to increase business, offering Wi-Fi range extender is a great way to get more people in your store. Many customers will come in just to use the free Wi-Fi, or spend extra time waiting for their orders while they do online shopping.

 For instance, a survey of 1,000 Wi-Fi users showed that 50 percent of them visited a business because they had free wireless. And 58 percent said they’d only buy something if they could do it online or from their mobile device while at the store.

#2. Encourage loyalty Customers

Customers who come back to your business will expect you to offer Wi-Fi access. If they have a bad experience or can’t connect, it could discourage them from returning in the future. Plus, customers who can browse their favorite sites while at your store may be more likely to buy something when they check out.

#3. Attract new business

“84 percent of customers say a business with Wi-Fi will be more likely to get their repeat business.”

Offering free Wi-Fi to passersby on the street is a good way to bring in new customers. For example, some restaurants offer free Wi-Fi for anyone walking by — and post it on their window or sign so people know they can take advantage of it.

Another way to attract new customers is to offer special promotions aimed at people who visit your business via their smartphones. For example, you could create a coupon that’s only available online or through an app.

#4. Save on costs

There are many ways that offering Wi-Fi can save you money. It can keep you from buying expensive equipment, like a POS system. It can also help you save on cell phone bills — especially for employees who use their own devices to connect to Wi-Fi.

#5. Keep your business safe and secure

Wi-Fi enables you to improve the security of your business. If someone tries to hack into your network, you can see what they are doing and respond accordingly. You can also monitor employees who access inappropriate websites or download illegal content on the job.

 Plus, you can keep an eye on customers’ credit card information to make sure it’s safe from theft and fraud.

#6.  Increase productivity

For employees, Wi-Fi allows them to work more efficiently. It keeps them from having to go outside the office if they need a resource or information that’s only available online.

Plus, when you offer Wi-Fi to your customers, it helps you meet their needs while increasing their satisfaction — and boosting sales in the process.

#7. Reduce travel time for employees

For salespeople who need to meet clients in person, free Wi-Fi can make it easier for them to travel. They won’t have to worry about having spotty cell service or being unable to get online when they’re on the road.

Plus, it could help them better manage their time because they aren’t tied down by a slower connection.

#8. Reduce tension between employees and customers

When your employees can be on their devices without worrying about overage charges, it’s less likely they’ll get into a fight with customers about being on their phones. It also helps because many people use smartphones for business — whether you’re selling products or services online. For instance, they may need to get online to access pictures or other files.

#9. Improve network performance

When customers have trouble connecting to your network, it can slow down sales and frustrate them. Wi-Fi can help you avoid this by giving you more control over who connects, what they do online, and how much bandwidth they use.

This is especially important for businesses with public Wi-Fi — like cafes and restaurants.

#10. Save on long-term costs

Over the course of a year, you’ll probably spend less money by offering free Wi-Fi than you would if your customers had to pay for it or travel long distances to visit another location with good technology access.

 Plus, offering Wi-Fi is about more than just saving on your monthly phone bill. It can also help you lower other costs, such as insurance.

#11. Streamline customer service

When you offer Wi-Fi, it enables your customers to do a quick search for answers while they’re on the spot — instead of having to wait until they can return home and browse online.

This could save them time and money if they don’t have to drive back for a refund or exchange. Plus, if you use your Wi-Fi network to accept payments, customers will be more likely to complete transactions on the spot.

#12. Create a network that can connect to the Internet of Things (IoT)

Soon, more and more things — from appliances to smart cars — will connect to the Internet. Your network needs to be able to support all of these devices like wifi range extenders. Wifi helps you get ready for the IoT because it’s one of the most affordable options for connecting to a network.

Final Words

Wireless internet is perfect for business because it allows your employees to work from anywhere, improves network performance by reducing congestion and has the potential to increase productivity.

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