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Shifting your business from the brick-and-mortar setup to the digital shopping experience has been one of the many things that people have been doing during the pandemic. People browse through various eCommerce platforms and find the one that best suits their needs. Some of them go to trusted sites like Amazon. However, starting your business on Amazon entails learning about different topics such as SEO, product listings, or even ads placement.

But before diving deep into these Amazon SEO services that various firms provide, make sure you orient yourself with various strategies that you can apply .

Why do you need Amazon SEO for your business?

Generally, every seller wants to earn profit as that has always been the goal. Amazon continues to remain in the top spot for holding around 13.7% of the global eCommerce market share and more than half (52%) of the US market share.

However, plunging into the wide world of the eCommerce market isn’t quite easy as it seems. Sellers prepare for various photo shoots in order to capture the best photos for their product listings. They also phrase their product titles and descriptions with the right amount of information that the customers might want to know. On top of that, there are other challenges that they face such as optimizing the listings in order to reach more people.

When you think of selling on Amazon, you need to be prepared for these two major things. First, driving traffic to your seller profile. Next, making sure that the traffic converts from leads to sales.

As you continue reading this article, we will be sharing helpful tips and strategies that you can implement to further your business on Amazon.

Put up an optimized listing page

How do you improve your Amazon SEO?

Starting your own business is good. Making sure that you drive traffic to it is the step before successfully converting this traffic into sales. Conversion from leads to sales will always be your biggest task to accomplish in running your business. One of the most vital things about putting your business on Amazon is ensuring you persuade the customers to choose your product from among the others out there. Enumerating certain features and benefits will surely convince and persuade them to choose your product.

Another factor to consider is including taglines or even witty catch phrases within the listing. Make sure you present complete information and even the technical details as customers purchasing online want to know everything before they check out. However, make sure that the listings do not appear too wordy as people’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. You need to captivate them in just a few seconds, or else they will find another seller that provides every bit of information that’s also easy to read and comprehend.

Place demo videos or images in the listing as that plays a big role in engaging the customers. More and more people want to see the product through these visual aids before they add it to their cart and checkout. In addition to that, people tend to engage faster with listings that have good images than the ones with text only.

Make sure you use high-quality images that depict the product. Use images with at least 1,000 pixels so that potential buyers can zoom in and out when they browse. Include some infographics that show the information and details at a glance. Back these images up with facts and statistics.

Get positive feedback as much as you can

Isn’t it enticing to check a listing with a lot of good feedback on it? It makes you feel that you can trust the seller even without meeting them in person. One of the strategies that you can employ for your Amazon listings is to include and obtain as many positive reviews and feedback as possible.

Why, you ask? It’s simple.

  • Positive feedback boosts your rankings on Amazon search results.
  • It proves that you do your job well as a seller. You provide accurate information about the product.

Establishing trust requires effort. Reviews are always there, but as a seller, you need to accomplish your responsibilities, such as responding to customers’ queries promptly. Also, make sure that their orders are securely packed and transported safely to their destination.

One strategy that you may try utilizing is to give customers some incentives. Let’s say, when they order for the first time, they get a discount. On their succeeding purchases, you can craft a loyalty program exclusively for them. When you become proactive and interact with them, you invest in their loyalty and that will lead to positive reviews on your listings.

To automate the process, you can send emails for reviews and feedback. Make sure you request buyers to do so and not demand anything from them.

Study customer psychology

helps your Amazon SEO

Back in the day, didn’t it interest you to discover and learn how people think and behave? Why do they act a certain way?

Ranking high on Amazon involves studying customer behavior. Social proof is a vital part in the conversion process and is very much connected with human psychology. In truth, this is very much connected with reading feedback from other customers.

It relates to the human need of asking and looking for guidance. Just like when you join a club, you look for other members of that particular group and ask how things work. People look at what their friends buy or which stores they trust. Recommendations among friends is still a thing, and you need to learn more about that, too.

When you study how your customers behave, you can create loyalty programs fit for them, and you may employ some adjustments to your products to ensure that they are superior to the others in the market. One way of doing this on Amazon is to mention your numbers in terms of sales, reviews, shares, and recommendations.

To illustrate:

  • Join our community of 5 million customers that have been using this product.
  • With 6,000 positive reviews from our customers, this is what you have been waiting for.

Make sure you set the price right

Making sure the price is correctly set for your products is another vital element when it comes to selling, as well as in digital marketing. Being transparent with your customers about your pricing establishes the fact that you look forward to building a relationship with them.

Neglecting the other factors surrounding your product is quite harmful for your business. Make sure that you factor in the costs associated with manufacturing the product. Setting the price too low may affect your conversions.

Balance the price accordingly. Check all the factors that affect your pricing strategy. Remember, don’t just do it for the profit but also as a way of showing your customers your brand image and reputation.

What elements do you need to look at when setting the price?

  • Check your target market
  • Study their purchasing power
  • Learn about their preferences
  • Create a value-based pricing strategy that does not conflict with your sales strategy

When you get a clear idea about your customer, you can now move onto setting your prices for your products on Amazon. Follow this formula to further help you with your pricing strategy.

True Economic Value (TEV) = Cost of the best alternate product + Value of performance differential


SEO is such a beautiful yet tricky thing to do. The first thing you need is to learn how SEO works. When you know the basics, you can then learn to master the craft of SEO. Discover how your business can benefit from various strategies that will catapult your business.

Just one more thing, repricing is another strategy that you need to know about! Make sure that you update yourself with the latest trends on Amazon and on your niche.

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