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Hello Bar Review: Most valuable WP Notification Bar

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Hello Bar is a simple-to-use call-to-action bar that navigates a website and makes visitors convert.

Imagine this as a friendly advertiser attracting your visitors to take action. For example, a plumbing company can decide to use Hello, bar convincing clients from calling for a free quote.

When you’re selling a book, the bar will be directing visitors to your sales page. Hello Bar can help you complete whichever goals you have, and it’s streamlined and simple to use.

Read on to know how Hello bar works and how to improve the sales of people.

Why should you use Hello Bar for your Website?

Hello Bar gives a simple solution for making calls-to-action. Their sales page shows just a few creative options that you can use the plugin:

  • increase your email list
  • Target a specific website
  • Generate more sales
  • create announcements
  • Get calls from customers
  • encourage social engagement

It helps all of these goals by showing a simple CTA with any type you selected.

With the correct message, you can give visitors a reason to visit a specific page of your choice. You can motivate them to buy your new book or donate toward your new Kickstarter campaign.

It does not matter why you need to redirect visitors. Hello Bar is very good at completing this goal.

When you need to create an email list, the tool is best for that as well. It will give your visitors a perk in exchange for their email, and you will start creating a list of eager customers in no time flat.

This software can keep emails for you on the platform or integrate them using your email provider.

Google is there to remove pages with disruptive popups which load on the significant page. However, Hello Bar is not disruptive at all. Using it as a notification bar assists in taking action taken by your visitors, and it does not affect your SEO rankings.

Hello Bar cost

Hello, Bar is a bit of a primary tool, and it provides excellent results to several site owners who start using the service. Before appropriately reviewing the software, it’s essential to find out how it costs.

Also, even essential software isn’t always worth getting when it’s too expensive. There are many various service levels available with the tool. Hello, Bar is free. However, to take full advantage of the platform, you’ll have to pay a subscription.

Below is break down of the pricing:

  • Free – 5,000 views per month
  • $29 per month – 50,000 views per month with a lot of design and integration options
  • $99 per month – 500,000 views per month and the most design and integration options together with premium customer support.

The software’s cost structure is both flexible and reasonable in every size of the Website you operate.

Customizing the Design of Hello Bar

Hello, Bar is only as best as its look, and the messages that are why it’s better than its design can be heavily customized.

Using the editor, you can change up the color, font, and text size. It also has an option having the premium version to give a custom thank you message for a higher quality finished look.

Paying for the upgraded versions of the tool opens additional customization ways, showing that you can optimize the tool to work better as possible.

For further optimization, it has an A/B split testing tool created into the software also. So, split testing provides different ads and data that converts better when you haven’t heard of this technique.

Using Hello Bar for WordPress

Roughly almost every Website found on the internet today uses WordPress. Though I generally decide against adding other plugins, you can choose Hello Bar’s WordPress plugin when you need simple installation.

This plugin makes it simple for you to add the tool to WordPress websites. Using Hello Bar for WordPress takes just some minutes, and it is a simple way for all devices used.

When you have customized your bar on the Hello Bar website, install the WordPress plugin on your site, then add the code given from the Hello Bar and see your visitors convert.

Easy Steps to Use Hello Bar

  • Visit the Hello Bar website and create an account
  • Choose how you need to use the bar and answer quick questions
  • Customize your first bar
  • take the Site Snippet
  • Sign onto your WordPress platform
  • Install the Hello Bar plugin

It will only take a few minutes to get a bar up and running on your Website. Once it’s there, you can begin enjoying the increased performance which it gives.

Connecting Hello Bar with Other Tools

Hello Bar doesn’t give integration plugins or unique code for every different user platform. But, the tool works on several HTML-based websites.

Hello, Bar for Shopify is so easy to integrate into the page template itself. You can choose to perform this on countless different web platforms also, including options like Drupal.

Hello Bar also works with other list-creating devices to assist you in supercharging your marketing chances. Using the software with Mailchimp or other email list-building services is simple to do.

Simply login into the site to connect MailChimp and Hello Bar. Having some other email services, and paste in your opt-in form code to create the integration work.

Hello Bar Alternatives

1 Sumo Smart Bar

Sumo Smart Bar is a competitor to Hello Bar, and also it gives more of the same functionality. This tool provides opt-in email forms. It also offers call-to-action links then it will make you able to access those quick social sharing buttons.

It’s much costly to use the premium version of this software service than the low-cost premium version of Hello Bar. It doesn’t come with the traffic caps, which Hello Bar can do.

Users having high-traffic websites following Hello Bar might be able to get all the functionality they want from Sumo Smart Bar at a lower cost each year than Hello Bar.

2 WP Notification Bars

WP Notification Bars are accessible at their most limited level. Also, it is the Hello Bar competitor, which is useful for free.

The product won’t capture emails or links to social media as Hello Bar does. It can only connect to pages on your Website.

3 Sleeknote

Sleeknote is one of the best Hello Bar alternatives because the service works on attracting user attention without overwhelming.

It can customize various message types using this service to make visitors take the kind of action.


Hello Bar is an easy service on the surface; however, it offers some compelling benefits.

The service makes your visitors act, joining your Facebook page, signing up to your mailing list, or entering into your recent product launch.

The tool is customizable, testable, and easy to use also. It is found with a WordPress Plugin and can be quickly utilized by significant website providers.

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