4 Ways Technology Is Changing How People Find Work

Technology Is Changing

Technology has certainly changed the way that people work. Artificial intelligence, automation, and cloud computing have altered the employment landscape beyond recognition, but technology has had effects elsewhere too. It’s changed the way that job hunters find work in the first place, making it much easier for them to get into the job market.

#1 Targeted recommendations

Perhaps the most important job sector advance of all, targeted recommendations take all the hassle out of finding the right job. Most people are familiar with emails from job search companies like Indeed. These collect and send you jobs that you might be suited to, based on your qualifications, skill set, location, and the jobs you’ve shown an interest in before. It might sound simple, but these services use advanced algorithmic learning to search through hundreds of thousands of potential jobs to find the right set for you. It means less time spent searching and more time spent finding your career path.

#2 Job boards

Job boards have made it easier than ever to be self-employed. From writing boards that post projects for freelance writers to boards looking for graphic designers, there’s something for everyone. The change is particularly profound within the transport and delivery sector. Where once drivers were bound to large companies who sourced work on their behalf, it’s now easier than ever for truckers and HGV drivers to find their own loads. Services like Shiply collect hot shot trucking jobs on a single board. Drivers can then search for jobs according to criteria, including the type of load, length of the journey, and, of course, pay. This is now common practice across every freelance sector, and it’s made working for yourself much easier.

#3 Virtual recruitment

Work from home was the big trend of the pandemic era, but it didn’t just change the lives of people already in jobs. Virtual recruitment using video services like Zoom and messenger platforms like Slack changed how employees are hired forever. Jobseekers are no longer bound by geographic limitations. If you find a job that you love, it’s now entirely possible to be interviewed, hired, and then trained completely remotely. Not only does this make the process much smoother (you won’t have to worry about commuting to your interview), but it dramatically expands your employment potential. As remote work becomes the norm, it’s likely that you’ll soon be able to apply for any job, anywhere.

#4 Reviews

Reviews are game-changers. You might be considering a certain job but aren’t sure whether it’s quite right for you. Rather than guessing, it’s now possible to read reviews from current employees. These will tell you about everything from training to the work life balance, and whether the company really is the right fit for you. Reviews are a big deal. They allow you to sample a job before you even apply. This is helpful for employers too. It means that new staff enter into a business relationship on equal footing, already aware of what’s expected of them.

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Written by Abhishek Chauhan


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