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SEO Writing – Tips & Techniques

SEO Writing - Tips & Techniques

We all have heard about the importance of content in the SEO industry. You will get to hear from most of the SEO professionals that the “content is king”. And it is actually correct, but only up to a certain extent. Content is king, but not without the quality or appropriate context. There are certain SEO companies or professionals who advocate the quantity of content more than its quality. Although, there are cases when adding too much low-quality content or content without context had a completely adverse effect on the businesses. So, if you are a content writer and want to improve your writing skills as per the SEO guidelines of different search engine platforms, then here are the tips to do that.

8 tips to make your content Search engine optimized

Keep your target audience in mind

It is the most essential tip to be followed by every content writer. Whether you are an independent blogger or creating content for a company or a brand, you need to understand what your target audience is actually looking for, in your content. Most of the writers just create stuff for promoting a service or a product, which, more or less looks like an advertisement, and people generally, do not consider it as true. I mean, who wants to read a piece of content that only praises a product or a service. Therefore, you need to talk about the need as well along with the features and advantages that your product or service provides to the clients. And for that, you need to understand the needs of your clients first.

Headlines should be magical

The first and foremost impression of your content is given by its headline. Whether a reader would click on your content or not would be decided by that small amount of text. So, it is good not to underestimate it. The headline of your content should create a curiosity in the reader’s mind and it should also be easy to understand and rich in keywords. For example, if you are writing about the SEO services in Kelowna then you can use the keyword in the title like Top SEO trends in Kelowna. But it is also important not to overuse the keywords as it will simply kill the thought of reading the complete piece of content from the reader’s mind.

Use keyword-rich phrases

As we have discussed for the headlines, the same concept works for the rest of your content. It should have relevant keywords (as discussed in the example – SEO Kelowna) but should not look like they are stuffed and are there without any reference. This may be penalized by the search engine too. If you are a blogger then you can use the keywords as tags for your blog, it can be the same as keywords like service name and city for example – SEO Kelowna.

Structure your posts

Structuring your article or post in a proper manner will not only help your audience in reading but also, helps in search engine optimization. Make your content more appealing by using small paragraphs of approximately 150 words, using headline tags like H1 for titles and H2 for subtitles, etc.

Always include some imagery

Using images in your content is essential, as it provides a visual aid to the audience in understanding what you really want to say. Imagine, which one you like more? Reading a novel without images or reading a comic book with images? Also, it allows several social media platforms like Pinterest to promote your content.

Use Social Media to promote your content

In today’s scenario, it is really important to reach out to your audience, as there is so much content on the internet that if you lag behind in the race your content will never be able to reach the audience. And, what can be better than using social media platforms to promote your content. It will also help you to create good backlinks for SEO.

Implement Google Authorship

If you’re an independent writer and looking to promote yourself with the help of content, then Google Authorship is a good way to do that. You only need a Google+ account for this.

Always promote natural link building

It is always a good practice to provide a link to your website or blog in the content. You can also add embedded codes to the graphics and posts that you have shared on social media platforms. It will help to get more clicks on your website. Remember, Content is King and hence, you should keep in mind that a king demands a lot of attention.

Link building has always been the prominent signal of your digital growth. We know that SEO link building is the most difficult, but the rewards are worthwhile. The way you pay attention to regular SEO link building, you should also pay focus on local SEO link building to boost your online profile. However, the linking domains should be relevant to your target location. This simply means that you should target authority websites in your target region.

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