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Step-by step process to fix your 123.hp setup problem

123.hp setup

1. One of the first things to do when starting out with this is to make sure that you first unpack your printer in a proper manner. This ensures that you have setup the printer parts properly and can then begin connecting them. Now what you have to do is ensure you take out the external parts of the printer to put them together.

2. Ensure you unpack the paper, separate parts, put together the printing tray with paper in it. And that the ink should be filled in the cartridge as well. This is also done as a primer prior to any actual troubleshooting. One can also compare with the printer manual to see what are the related concerns with the 123 hp setup during this time.

3. Now once the basics have been covered, we move on to checking whether the printer internet connection exists. One can also verify it with the help of other devices in the house. Make sure that you then start out with the troubleshooting here onward.

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4. Another thing to be done is that one must download a printer driver. This can be done from the website of the printer itself or out of a CD which one gets at the time of purchase. One must also make sure that they have kept in mind the exact type and name of the printer which they are to download the driver for and then continue using it.

5. Now make sure that you have gone over the process of installation and setup of the printer driver. You must also ensure that you have altered the settings of your printer device in a manner which is suitable to you. This is something which ca neb done at the initial stages of setting up of your printer too. It will only add to the convenience of using your printer device.

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6. Make sure that you sign up for an HP account and also register your printer for a lot of additional benefits which you get out of the exercise of using an HP printer. HP being one of the best printer companies in the world, provides one with plethora of features at their disposal and you must make sure that you utilize them to their fullest capacity.

7. One can also opt for HP support on their device. There are a number of other things which are highly recommended for this purpose. Make sure that you keep your drivers and even other software on the printer updated. This will prevent problems from arising at all.

8. Either you could manually ensure the updates are done on a regular basis or even make sure that the automatic update setting has been enabled on people’s devices so that the notifications of constant updates is available on your device to be used.

9. Lastly, there are websites and chat support which are dedicated to ensuring you get the most out of your HP printer and that all the smaller concerns are addressed by them.

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