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Microsoft To Allow Most Employees Work From Home Permanently

Microsoft joined the list of tech giants allowing most of its employees to permanently work from home if they wish to.

Microsoft To Allow Most Employees Work From Home Permanently

Microsoft Corp. will now allow some of its employees to work from home permanently if they want to. Microsoft is the latest in the list of employers to allow work-from-home facility prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Verge reported, that most Microsoft employees are still working from home and the company has no plans to reopen its US offices till January 2021. Even when it does, employees can choose to remotely work from their home permanently, in that case, they will have to give up their assigned office space. For those employees who work in Microsoft’s labs or train other workers won’t be eligible for remote-working.

In a note to its employees obtained by the US Media – The Verge. Kathleen Hogan, Microsoft’s Chief People Officer said, ” The Covid-19 has challenged everyone to think, live and work in new ways.”

“Software company will offer flexibility as much as possible to its workers to support individual work-life while balancing the business requirements and ensuring we live our culture.”

The Verge also reported that employees will need approval from their reporting managers to work remotely permanently. However, they can spend less than 50 percent of their week outside without approval.

Employees can also relocate across the United States or overseas if they want to. Those relocating may see a change in their salaries depending on where shift. The company will take care of expenses for employees’ home offices, but it won’t cover relocation expenses.

Some major tech companies are already in the list of employers who have allowed permanent work-from-home facilities. Facebook already said that half of its staff could be permanently working remotely within five to 10 years.

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