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Top Doorstep Bike Service & Repair Startups in India

urban company bike services
urban company bike services

Are you scared to trust someone else with your bike? Are you worried about the genuinity of the parts used in bikes? Or perhaps you’re too busy to ride your bike to the service center because of your busy schedule. You don’t have to face these hassles when selecting the Bike repair service at your doorstep.

These top auto start-ups provide you with the latest bike repair services like Apna Mechanic, bro4u bike service, Urban Company Bike Service, MyTVS, etc.

Here is a list of top two-wheeler start-ups that can easily handle your bike repair and maintenance services:

  1. Apna Mechanic

The Delhi-NCR-based company Apna Mechanic provides its bike repair services at the doorstep of all two-wheeler brands within 30 minutes. With a well-equipped expert carrying all the tools, the start-up offers repairs and vehicle maintenance at the owner’s preferred location. You can hire their services by downloading their app or going to their website, which provides a quick price depending on the required service specifications.

The noteworthy aspect of Apna Mechanic is their commitment to timeliness. They guarantee that normal service will be completed in 4-5 hours, while a thorough service will take at least 5-6 hours. They do inform the client in advance of the additional time needed if a part replacement or any other additional work is required. Apna Mechanic has a team dedicated to handling complaints, as well as one for internal audits, to make sure the chain delivers on its promises.

  1. Hoopy

According to the business, the idea for the service start-up was born out of the necessity to develop a reliable source of income for the mechanic community, which had been severely affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as a secure and reliable service for customers. In order to introduce contactless two-wheeler doorstep servicing in India, leading global oil and lubricant company Shell Lubricants has teamed with Bangalore-based start-up Hoopy, a technology-driven company. The partnership intends to provide two-wheeler owners with a simple way to get affordable services on a technology-driven platform where they can make reservations, follow the progress of service requests in real-time, and conveniently pay on the app and website from the comfort of their homes. Most essential, they can always get their bike serviced by a reliable, qualified technician.

  1. CredR

You won’t experience any hassles by selecting CredR Bike service at home. The replacement parts used on the motorcycle by them are high-quality, genuine parts. While selecting a bike service online, CredR provides minimal interaction with consumer safety assurance. CredR came up with this creative solution to make everyone’s life more comfortable. You can now efficiently schedule bike servicing from the convenience of your home. There are yearly and monthly options available for scheduling servicing at a reasonable price. CredR offers bike service options that provide one-time and annual plans for Rs. 549 and Rs. 1199, respectively, which are available for purchase. They offer yearly authorized bike service as well as maintenance at your doorstep. Customers can pick the plan from the plans that best meet their needs.

  1. Go Mechanic

GoMechanic Bike Service offers an alternative that claims to be more affordable than the authorized service center. They adopt a professional approach that is equivalent to, or even better, modern and upholds transparency at all levels. They even offer bike repair options for the primarily neglected and now-discontinued models.

GoMechanic Bike repair offers centralized spare procurement and an integrated inventory administration system, which allow them to acquire high-quality OEM and OES spares, and they commit to using only authentic parts and consumables. However, this is what really makes them more affordable than any other authorized service center.


  1. Urban Company

Urban Company bike service offers a platform that enables skilled and experienced mechanics to connect with customers looking for particular bike repair services. Once a user is on the Urban Company app, their match-making system finds professionals who are both readily available and accessible at the required time and date.

Urban Company bike repair personnel are well-trained and polite. They ensure that a full check is done before generating a job card, followed by a preliminary estimate that they discuss with the customer. This is similar to an authorized service center; in order to acquire an estimate for the repair of the automobile before requesting its pickup and drop-off services. Customers just have to enter all the necessary information on their website or mobile app.

  1. GoBumpr

The largest B2C retail platform in India, GoBumpr, is the only one that offers services for both two- and four-wheel vehicles. The GoBumpr app enables customers to locate, reserve, and pay for any auto services at any service station, no matter where they are.

GoBumpr, an online vehicle service platform, was acquired by TVS Automobile Solutions Pvt Ltd and switched its name to myTVS. GoBumpr just introduced its own service units at home to offer consumers seamless doorstep service. The combination of GoBumpr’s digital expertise and TVS’s automotive industry knowledge may make them the ideal team to lead the Indian aftermarket.

  1. MyTVS

GoBumpr, a platform for online first auto services, has been acquired by TVS Automobile Solutions Pvt Ltd. TVS Automobile Solutions (myTVS) has introduced their B2C O2O (online-to-offline) concept under the brand Ki Mobility Solutions with the acquisition of GoBumpr.

For all of your two-wheeler and four-wheeler repair and maintenance requirements, myTVS offers India’s largest chain of multi-brand workshops. In order to better serve your two-wheeler needs, myTVS has opened a multi-brand service center. They aim to reach, serve, and benefit their clients with high-end, pertinent technology and genuinely high-quality services thanks to their reputation and the brand’s trust.


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