5 Fascinating iOS App Development Trends to know in 2021

Apple has always been a constant pioneer in the field of mobile development. There are now around 1.65 billion active Apple devices worldwide, said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, in a conference in January 2021. The consistent progress and popularity of iOS devices are making app development companies focus on developing iOS apps for better business opportunities. However, as time paces, new trends come, and businesses need to stay updated to remain in the race.

This article can help you learn about the latest iOS app development trends leading in 2021. Understanding these trends will assist you in developing an iPhone (or other iOS devices) app for your business with the help of an iPhone app development company. But before that, let us know why iOS app development can be better for your business.

Reasons to choose iOS app development for your business.

High revenue and excellent brand image are what businesses want when designing an application and launching it in the competition. With a well-planned, high-performing, and robust iOS app, you can achieve these targets in no time. Post-launch of iOS 14.4, Apple Inc. is set to put forward some exciting features in the iPhones and other iOS devices. It can profoundly impact the mobile app development industry and make it a suitable choice for everyone. Here are the prominent reasons why iOS app development can be the right choice for you:

  • Enhanced performance and business-oriented: Apple’s developing team is constantly trying to enhance the performance of iOS systems to provide a better user experience. Therefore, many business owners choose iOS app development for better productivity and increased sales.
  • High security and safe transactions: Security is the foremost feature that everyone wants in the apps they access. Therefore, it becomes the prime concern for business owners to take care of it for their users. iOS apps offer a high-security level to businesses, both in terms of data protection and safe transactions, making them a preferred choice for any business.
  • Most feasible OS to drive revenue: Since iOS applications have many interesting features, both the users and leading specialists like them. The outcome is, there are more in-app purchases, thus positively driving your business strategies to generate more revenue.
  • Provides best quality apps: With unmatched performance, iOS app development stands out in terms of building robust applications. It offers top-notch and best-quality applications in all the app niches.

What are the latest iOS app development trends to consider in 2021?

Enhanced Augmented Reality (AR)

The Augmented Reality Kit (or ARKit) helps the developers’ design 3-D and virtual based mobile applications for iOS users. Viewing things in a virtual environment helps the customers differentiate and judge the business, and Apple is already offering it by integrating the ARKit in its latest app development technology. Also, with the support of Amazon regarding the development of ARKit, the users can expect a next-level innovation in AR.

Improved Security Protocols

Security has always been the top-most concern for Apple, and that’s why Apple has started an enterprise-wide culture that serves the user’s need to create a safe ecosystem. The new iOS app development trend focuses on taking a step ahead in enhancing the overall protection to prevent in-app data breaches and cybercrime. Moreover, with every update, users can expect upgraded in-built app security features.

Advanced Programming with Swift 5.3.3

Swift is the official programming language for developing major iOS applications. The reason behind choosing it for app development is its impressive characteristics like flexibility, scalability, and security. In the recent update, Apple has introduced the stable Swift 5.3.3 version, which offers better indentation, an improved error handling system and enhanced diagnostics for resolving the issues.

More User-Friendliness in Apple Pay

Through Apple Pay, iOS users can make easy and quick financial transactions. One can use it for online tickets booking, placing food orders, online shopping, bank payments, and much more. As per the latest updates, the company plans to make these transactions much easier for the users. With easier payments, the company wants to indicate that Apple Pay will become a more secure, easy-to-access and reliable payment portal.

Advancement in Siri

Siri, the user’s assistant of iOS, has always been a companion to Apple users. With its introduction, the company has gained massive recognition in the tech industry worldwide. It becomes more popular due to the magnificent AI (Artificial Intelligence) features and functions it offers iOS users. With every new update, Siri gets better and better, and according to the recent updates, Apple has also introduced Sirikit to assist the app developers in integrating Siri advancements.


Along with the trends mentioned above, Apple has launched (and keeps launching) many other stunning trends that can influence iOS app development a lot. These trends can be helpful for an iOS app development company to craft an innovative app idea. However, looking at mobile technology advancement, you can expect a breakaway in iOS app development trends in the upcoming times.

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