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Vlogging v/s Podcasting

With the advent of Covid-19, this world has seen some drastic changes. In the economy and the business market, everything has turned upside down. There is not a single person whose life has not been altered because of this pandemic. People who used to go out daily are now trapped within the four walls of their bedroom. Amidst all this, the general public is resorting to different online platforms to maintain their sanity and also, to socially interact with people. More people are taking it to the internet to express their creativity and ideas. Online platforms were already much in use before the arrival of COVID; the internet has always been the go-to of people from all walks of life, and why not should it be? Why should someone stress for weeks dissertation, if they can just look for dissertation help online and get the work done in absolutely no time?

Now the question remains how do these social media platforms function?


We all are aware of what blogging is. An information website published on the internet, a diary-style entry, or a post is what normally a blog is considered to be. Vlog sounds quite similar to the word blog and they both share the same purpose. Vlog is just an abbreviation for ‘video blog’. It is a type of blog where most of the information is in video format. There is no restriction on the topic you choose for vlogs.

-Free Hand on the Topic!!

Just like a blog, you can make a vlog on almost anything. You can be reviewing a product or you can show a day in your life and you can even just create a video of yourself talking about a certain topic.

-How is Vlogging any different?

As we know by now, vlogs can be recorded anywhere by anyone, and easily uploaded on YouTube or other online video sharing platforms. They are less scripted and tend to be more casual, and depending on the consumer’s preference, this can be either an advantage or a disadvantage. And even though vlogs tend to require low effort thanks to how easy they are to make and have no clear set of rules to be followed, they tend to garner high amounts of views and the audience for vloggers is quite huge. Many vlogs even get to be monetized on platforms like YouTube or Twitch, where vloggers get paid per view and sponsorship they get.

-Why Vlog?

When it comes to the function of vlogging, it is almost exclusively for entertainment. There is an exception, of course, when it comes to people working in certain careers that would like to educate people about the work they do and possibly inspire some young people to join their career path. Other than that, people seem to watch vlogs to pass time. Either that or to engage in escapism, as watching vlogs helps one detach from their everyday life and live from a completely different person’s point of view.


-Podcast; a Trip To Old Times!

The word Podcast itself is a blend of iPod and broadcast. 90s kids must be familiar with talk radio shows where different guests were welcomed to have a conversation on various topics. Those were the times.

Well, Podcasts are somewhat similar to them. Podcasts are audio contents which anyone can have an access to from their desktops or mobile phones. A similarity between a vlog and podcast is that they can both be made on almost any topic.

-More Accessibility!

Unlike vlogs, podcast recordings prove to be much more accessible for many groups of people. For instance, vlogs require an internet connection due to them not being easily downloadable and are not the type of media a person would normally consume while busy cleaning or doing chores, commuting, etc. Also, a podcast has to be recorded in a professional studio using high-end equipment to ensure the best audio quality possible so that the person listening can do so comfortably. And regardless of the amount of thought that goes into planning podcast episodes, they remain less profitable than vlogging, as podcasters are not paid per listen. Rather, they generate income by landing sponsorships after gaining recognition.

-What Happens In a Podcast??

Podcasts are usually the preferred type of medium for long talks or stories, deep conversations, analyses of important subjects such as politics or history, or any type of topic that will normally have to require more than 20 minutes of talking. Also, podcasts are more suited to educational content. This is contrary to vlogging, in which the content is more than often used to entertain, rather than educate.

Final Thoughts:

 Such online platforms provide talented individuals with the opportunity to come forth and showcase their abilities to the world. It is much easier now, that the world has been so digitalized.

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