How To Craft A Core Marketing Message That Works

Core Marketing

Having a solid marketing campaign is the key to success in nearly all business ventures. Regardless of the nature or scale of your business, promoting your brand on the Internet is crucial for gaining some much-needed exposure.

Naturally, if you are to promote your brand online, the best way to do so would be via a slick website, such as the ones created by the expert WordPress developers DevriX. However, in order to succeed in your marketing efforts, make sure you have an effective core marketing message. Here’s how you can craft a good one.

What is a Core Marketing Message and Why Is it Important?

Simply put, your core marketing message is what is going to appear next to or under your brand logo on your website, social channels, ads etc. It is the rapid-fire version of your sales pitch to your target audience. Usually just a couple of words, the core marketing message introduces you and your company and tells people why your product/ service is the best solution they need.

With this in mind, it should be obvious why having a concise core marketing message is crucial for the success of a company’s promotional efforts. A well-thought-out marketing message can help build up credibility with anyone who sees it, which directly influences the company’s bottom line.

So how can you make sure that your core marketing message is the best it could be?

Avoid Controversy

A good marketing decision can directly impact a company’s overall performance for the better, but a bad one can break a brand. We’ve had many examples recently of brands discrediting themselves by trying to incorporate controversial positions and acts into their marketing campaigns.

It would certainly be factually incorrect to claim that controversy can’t help promote a brand. However, using it as a tool in your marketing arsenal is likely to backfire, and the repercussions for a company if such a tactic goes awry can be dire indeed.

This is why unless controversy is somehow a part of your business model and you’re actively trying to capitalize on it, you should avoid it like the plague.

Focus on Things That Matter

When constructing your core marketing message, there are three points that need to be touched upon in one form or another.

Firstly, your audience has pain points. Your job as a company is to supply a product that addresses their issues. To do so, you have to be intimately familiar with the audience’s needs, and how you can meet them.

The second point is that you’re the best at what you do. Your message needs to leave no doubt in your audience that you’re an expert at what you do and that you are the best pick that can help them with their pain point.

Finally, there is your product. The audience needs to be convinced that your product is top tier, masterfully created by experts in the field with their needs in mind.

Notably, not all three points need to be present in such a short message directly. However, all good core marketing messages strongly imply all three of them.

Use Succinct, Rich Language

Marketing messages need to be both memorable and striking, and that means that they need to say a lot with very few words. A good core marketing message uses words that are heavy with meaning and immediately leave a solid impression in the audience of what the company is all about.

Using implications is crucial for crafting effective core marketing messages. For instance, let’s look at the one used by Nike – “Where all athletes belong.” It touches on all the key points in an ingeniously circumspect and concise way.

Without saying it explicitly, this core marketing message leaves the audience with the impression that the company knows all about the needs of athletes, and can serve them well. Furthermore, the use of words like “all” and “belong” evokes a warm feeling of community and comradery.

This plays on the emotions of the audience and makes it a very powerful core marketing message.

Stay Consistent

When crafting a core marketing message, you need to carefully consider your audience. What sort of customer will this brand appeal to? What tone does your promotion need to have to be most effective with that audience?

Basically, you need to pick a brand personality that would serve as a framework for all your marketing efforts, and incorporate it into your core marketing message. Once you have that nailed down, you need to base the tone and tenor of all your marketing on it.

This is important because if the tone of your marketing campaign is inconsistent, it’s not likely to be effective. Different brand personalities can clash with each other and undermine each other quite severely.

Simply put, if you project both an excited and a serious personality at the same time, one of those will seem disingenuous and hollow to your audience. Your aim is to achieve the exact opposite effect, as cultivating an air of authenticity is the only way of building a solid relationship with potential customers.

Although it may sound like a cliche, this is actually one of a few essential parts of building a brand in a hypercompetitive environment of hollow promotions and meaningless slogans.

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