How to Create Your Own Language App Like Duolingo?

The pandemic effects have been a misfortune for many people whereas some have enjoyed it. It’s a special time period that provided an opportunity for many individuals to accomplish their life goals. Lots of people have registered on different language learning platforms to master new languages. It can help them in enhancing their skills.

You will be shocked to know that 80% of European citizens know an additional foreign language apart from the native one. They prefer to learn additional languages due to corporate world requirements.

Learning a different language doesn’t mean learning different words, it even helps us to think in an exceptional way.

There are multiple e-learning apps to master in distinctive languages. These apps include Duolingo, Brainscape, Babbel, Quizlet, and Rosetta Stone. To get a unique learning experience, Duolingo is a better option in comparison to others.

The experience with the Duolingo app is quite amazing as it has encouraged different businesses to develop a learning language app of their own.

Let’s proceed with a brief introduction about Duolingo:

Duolingo is defined as one of the most preferred language learning platforms. It facilitates simple exercises in the initial stage and engages the users. The given lessons in Duolingo focus on transforming phrases, words, and sentences from the existing version into the form of the native language.

How does Duolingo function?

When users login into the Duolingo app, it shows the list of different languages to learn. After selecting a particular language, the app prompts to rate the existing knowledge level. If users get confused and not able to rate themselves, they can go for a test to check their familiarity with the language.

The process to learn a foreign language usually begins with basics. Users start with getting commands over easy words like apple, table, chair, home, car, etc. With time, the level goes high.

For adding engaging experience, Duolingo provides three opportunities to clear at every level. In case anybody fails to pass the language test, the Duolingo app gives a chance to repeat all levels.

Duolingo can’t just be defined as a simple mobile app; this is a complete platform that can also be accessed through a web browser.

Why is it suitable to invest in e-learning app development like Duolingo?

  • The importance of language learning app development platforms is increasing every day. By 2023, their significance is going to increase from 18-20% CAGR. Also, it has been predicted that language learning platforms’ market value can be enhanced by USD 25.73 billion by 2027.
  • People have found learning applications as the most convenient method to brush up their skills.
  • The best part is that AI-powered chatbots are adding an additional experience for the users. By learning applications, it is now easy for the users to know about languages that are not in use. These languages are Navajo, Welsh, Esperanto, Gaelic, etc.
  • Different social networking sites have even influenced the practice to know one additional language among users.

The above-given reasons are enough to know why you should build a language learning apps like Duolingo.

What should you do to develop a language learning app like Duolingo?

There are certain norms followed by every organization to develop an app. However, for e-learning app development, you need to consider the below-mentioned strategies.

Select the content:

Content is the most important part while designing a language learning app. It is better to pre-determine and decide all essential elements that you want to include. Keep in m

You can be convinced to develop an app for two famousind that your content should be powerful.

Especially, if you are going to build a learning app related to language, you should include language sounds, grammar exercises, audio/video clips, and more.

Pick up an app development platform: 

platforms iOS and Android. However, it can be a costly and complex task to handle both the platforms in the initial phase. Therefore, if you are a startup organization, having a low budget, it would be suitable to introduce a single platform.

Language learning platforms:

 should have a unique and enticing design. It would be ideal if you do experiments and explore new ideas to build your language learning website. When it is about testing, you can choose prototyping or wireframe development. It can give you an overall idea about the appearance of your app by the end of app development. As a captivating UI design with great UX is the key to ensure success, try to maintain the standard.

Choose the technology:

It is true that the backend doesn’t matter for users, but it decides how the application will perform. If we talk about the Duolingo app, the backend of the app covers almost 47 technologies.

The technologies that have been used by Duolingo are JQuery, Objective C, Javascript, Bootstrap, Nginx, Amazon S3, Amazon Cloudfront, and several others.

You have the option to integrate any of the existing technology and decide on the app’s technology. It is always favorable to choose technology based on the platform and business requirements.

To get more clarity, you should discuss your project-related requirements with your company experts before taking a final decision.


Duolingo app has set a standard for developing a language learning app. However, exploring the existing apps can let you find loopholes. After that, it can be easy for you to set a  benchmark and create a unique language learning application. You can undoubtedly compete in the learning app development industry.

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