The Rise Of Referrer Spam And How It Affects Your Website

While analyzing the traffic logs of your website, you should always check that which URL is most referred by your visitors. Most of the visitors will simply type your domain name on the address bar of a web browser whereas some will access your website via links.

Google Analytics is a WordPress platform that will help you to analyze your website and the URLs which are driving more user traffic.

Just because it is added to the Google Analytics account of your website you cannot always believe in referrer URL.

Referrer spam is a tactic that has been used by most of the black hat marketers to market their website and affiliate services and products.

In this post, we will learn about referrer spam and the risk it comes with, and how it will be problematic for your website.

What do you mean by Referrer Spam?

Referrer Spam is also known as log spam. Google Analytics will help you to track referrer URLs. Most of the referrer URLs will be spoofed which means it will not drive traffic to your website as it required.

How such referrer spam is executed?

Frequently request will be made to the website by black hat marketers with forged HTTP headers.

While internet users navigating from one website to another, an HTTP header will be created and send to the new website by their web browsers. The original website listed as referrer URL will be included in the HTTP header.

Hundreds and thousands of times your website will be visited by a black hat marketer during the referrer spam attack. They will visit your website with the help of scripts or software with forged HTTP headers. As a referrer URL, it will send a forged HTTP header to these visits containing the website of your marketers.


What is the main motto of Referrer Spam?

To market and promote their website most of the black hat marketers use referrer spam.

The professionals or web experts who know all about search engine optimization will perform analysis to check their website traffic logs from time to time. If webmaster found any referrer URL which has more traffic as compared to the others, they will definitely visit that link to know how their website is introduced.

To market affiliate products and services, the referrer spam can be used by cookie stuffing

How your website gets affected via referrer spam

Your referrer spam will lower the speed of your website while depending on the scope of the attack.

The resource of services will be consumed as much as the time your visitor access your website. Thousands of frequent visits will be made because of referrer spam attacks. Thus the resources of your server will get exhausted. There will be a situation when it will take a huge time to get load your content for legal visitors.

Suppose your website is not loading slowing even if referrer spam attacks have been done then it is possible that the optimization process will get more difficult.

You will face so much problem for finding new backlinks possibilities as you are unable to find which referrer URL is driving more traffic to your website.

While doing off-page optimization and creating backlinks or  buy quality backlinks referrer URL won’t prove to be more helpful.


Stop Referrer Spam 

stop referrer spam

Stop Referrer Spam is a free plugin that can be used to spam referrer attacks. It supports WordPress version 4.0 and tested upto 5.4.2. It has more than 1,000 active installations. It allow you to analyze your page statistics. Using this plugin you will be able to add custom URLs. No annoying updates will be provided, and the best thing is that it is hassle free to use.

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