What Makes Wire Cutters Good For Jewellery?

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Wire cutters can be used for a variety of tasks, including jewellery making! Cutters offer many benefits for jewellery applications.

Able to cut metal wire cleanly and efficiently, high-quality wire cutters allow jewellery makers to perform fine tasks, creating beautiful pieces designed to stand the test of time. If you’re making jewellery pieces, wire cutters are a must-have!

Still unsure what makes wire cutters good for jewellery? Here’s everything you need to know.

Performing fine cutting work

Wire cutters are designed to make fine work possible. Using quality wire cutters, you can perform fine cutting work without risking damage or injury.

Able to be used for small items, wire cutters allow jewellery makers to cut wires and metals accurately, even when wires are small or difficult to work with.

Wire cutters are perfectly designed to accommodate fine work applications, making them the perfect tool to often small and precise jewellery making tasks.

Avoiding damage and sharp edges

Often, wire cutters are also able to help reduce the risk of damage to jewellery elements, such as metals, wires, and gems.

Using wire cutters, you can cut accurately and effectively, avoid sharp wire edges that could scratch the skin when jewellery is worn. You can also avoid breaking often fragile jewellery elements, which may be made of glass, gemstones, or precious metals.

Avoid damage and hazards is an important part of ensuring that jewellery items are ready for the market once they are complete.

Achieving professional quality

Wire cutters can also be used to achieve professional-quality jewellery products that are safe, sturdy, and beautiful.

With wire cutters, you can manipulate wire jewellery components to ensure that all elements of your piece are secure, reducing the risk of lost or damaged elements. Wire cutters can help you achieve a smooth, luxurious finish.

Using wire cutters to achieve professional quality is essential if you plan to sell your jewellery. Great wire cutters can help you improve your standard of work and, eventually, your brand reputation!

The wire cutters you’ll need

There are several different types of wire cutters, each suited to different tasks and applications in jewellery making. In order to create high-quality jewellery items, you may need a few different types of wire cutters.

Snipe nose cutters

Snipe nose cutters are a great universal option and are suited to a variety of jewellery-making tasks. These cutters feature a tapered nose, making it easy to navigate small jewellery items. Snipe nose cutters can be used with crimps. They can also allow you to hold small items, shape wire pieces, and open and close jump rings.

Round nose cutters

Round nose cutters are another important jewellery-making tool. These cutters have small, rounded elements and can be used for fine work tasks. You can use round nose cutters to create wire loops and perform wire wrapping. These cutters are also used for creating eye pins.

Flat nose cutters

Flat nose cutters are designed to accommodate various wire cutting tasks. These cutters are suitable for hold larger, flatter items and bending sharp wire and sheet angles. You can also use these cutters alongside snipe nose cutters to open and close jump rings.

Side cutters

Side cutters are a must-have for jewellery-making! With flat blades, these cutters are suitable for fine work. Side cutters are able to cut metal wire up to 1mm and can also cut flexible jewellery string wires.

Bent nose cutters

Bent nose cutters are another jewellery-making essential. These cutters make it easy to grip and cut fine jewellery items, allowing you to work with small designs. Bent nose cutters can be used to shape wire and open and close jump rings.


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