3 Ways, How Video Content Can Transform Your Business?

Video Content For Business

1 – Build your brand

Using video throughout your internal and external branding is really important in the brand building element of your business. Video allows you to convey many more signals than text alone which will help telly your brand story in a shorter space of time. One of the main reasons video is so much more successful than text alone is that it includes more than just the visual sense. It usually also includes audio which can relate mood and emotion through music and tone of voice. Colour is also a great indicator to your customer about your values. If your colour pallet is minimal and understated, you are probably a serious business relating to finance, law or high ticket sales. If you have a younger more colorful pallet your business could involve social media, children’s entertainment or any business catering to a younger audience. All of these signals are so valuable to your brand as it can tell your story in seconds as opposed to text which can be interpreted in many ways depending on the reader.

It can take 5 to 7 impressions (Smallbizgenius) for people to remember a brand and due to our human nature, the more we see a brand the more trust we have for that brand. Colour can also improve brand recognition by 80% which is extremely important when considering that text alone struggles to contribute to this factor.

And if you need convincing further, the consistency across all platforms can increase revenue by 23% so by including video across your videos you will quickly see the benefit.

2 – Boost SEO, retain customers on your site, attract new customers

If you have a video on your web page your audience is more likely to stay on this page for longer as they watch the video compared to a web page that does not have a video. Because of this, search engines such as google now prioritise web pages with video as they have a lower bounce rate. Therefore your website is much more likely to be listed higher in the search engine results and is also more likely to climb in the long run, giving your website a huge SEO boost.

The use of youtube is another valuable resource for boosting your SEO. Google is the most widely used search engine in the world and it also owns youtube meaning the two platforms work together when ranking SEO. Not only that, but YouTube receives 30 million daily visitors to the site. This is a huge audience that is easily accessible by simply adding youtube to your social platforms and which in turn grows your brand presence.

3 – Convey information quickly, educate and sell more

Video can be a much more effective way of communicating information quickly than the traditional paragraphs. Today’s modern audience has little time or patience so it is important to capture your audience quickly and also offer a time efficient source of information when possible, i.e Video. An explainer video can be really valuable to your brand, especially if your brand sells products. A video explaining how to use your product will not only be useful for your customer who has already made the purchase but will also encourage potential customers to buy your product too. 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video (Source: Hubspot) This could have dramatic results within sales. It will also educate your audience about your product or brand. And they don;t have to be product videos, a brand video can educate the viewer about your company ethos which will grow consumer confidence.

Author Bio:
Rob Holder is the Director of Fable Studios, a video production agency in Bristol, UK.

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