Top 5 Tips Before You Go For Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

The current mobile app development market is at a high, and the majority of tech-savvy youth are planning to make a career in application development. However, restricted knowledge has been the main reason many have failed to become a successful app developer.

There are certain facts that you should be aware of before you start making a mobile app. You can expect decent success in a short period if all the planning is done properly. The stats given here shows how promising a career as an app developer can be.

A study done by buildfire shows that the number of mobile apps found on Apple and Google store is 2.8 million and 2.2 million, respectively. Moreover, it also suggests that Android apps are mostly downloaded by users as there are more end-users.

Another study by PixelCrayon states that the GMA spending will reach a humongous level with $240 billion in 2021. As a result, it can lead most mobile app developers to enjoy good profits against their work.

Here are some key tips for planning things before starting a career as an app developer.

Carry out a thorough Market Research

In-depth market research should be done before you start designing an app. As you complete the app-designing course, begin observing the market right away. Over the months, you can understand the needs and preferences of the end-users.

Moreover, proper market research can help you decide whether to design an iOS app or an Android app. As the number of Android users drastically differs from the number of iOS users, your profit can also be different.

Furthermore, the market research reports can show you whether to make a general app or a unique gaming app. You should always follow the reports of the research. As per the researching techniques, you can rely mainly on social networking sites and the websites where many people visit for answering queries.

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Observe other App developers

As a part of your market research, you need to observe other mobile app developers and the types of apps they are launching. Always compare your strengths and weaknesses in contrast to them.

Knowing your competitors can help you execute successful branding for your app. Moreover, you can create a proper USP for your app, taking reference from the mobile applications made by your competitors.

As you make an app, complete all the legal procedures as it can secure your intellectual property from imposters.

Consider the ways of earning revenue

As an independent app developer, you should know the right ways to earn profits from the app. At present, the effective ways to make revenue from a mobile application are:

• Accepting private advertisements and publishing them in the app
• Charge an amount on downloading certain features of the application while keeping the app free
• Put direct charges on your application where the user needs to pay a subscription

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Consider adding features to the app

You need to add up features to your application to make it attractive to the users. The types of features you add to your app depends on the type of app. Always try to add some features that are not present in the apps that are similar to yours.

Selecting the target audience can help you to choose the features that are crucial for your application. Another trait that you need to remember is making the User Interface of the application user-friendly.

All the features in your application should be of high value to the audience. As a pre-planning part, you can carry out a small survey among people who can randomly put their visions in front of you. Take the help of the good supporting systems when you execute the designing process.

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Concentrate on cross-platform app development

If you are now planning to design your first application, try following the cross-platform approach. A cross-platform app can run on different platforms like iOS, Windows, and Android. Remember that it is always more comfortable for you to design a cross-platform app.

Moreover, in designing a cross-platform app, you will need to write the programs only once. So, you can save a lot of time, and the programs are relatively easy to frame and run. Designing cross-platform apps helps to cut down on the budget as no exclusive frameworks are needed. As per the final product, you can quickly test an app and publish it timely.

The main thing which you need to remember is the guidelines of the app store. As different app stores have their own policies, you need to be careful with these guidelines as any mistake can hamper the process of publishing the app.

Make sure your app satisfies the UX guidelines too as this can enhance the ranking of your app on the application store.

Facts to ponder as a developer

As a developer, you need to polish your programming skills to become a successful developer. Moreover, as you start on with a course, start planning to open a startup. Even if you work for an organisation, try to develop an app for yourself. This can provide you with a chance to gain real experience in mobile app development.

Final Words

To be a successful developer, you would need to have sound knowledge of the computer language and the frameworks. Moreover, you should be able to work with the plugins. To get the best experience, you should join the top-ranking courses. There are many courses found online, and you must check several setups before choosing one.

While selecting the best app development course, you should check the number of classes and the charges. Generally, the websites publish all the details regarding the courses, and you go through the student’s reviews before finalising a deal. Authentic certification can lead you to get a job as an app developer quickly. Furthermore, you can start a career as a freelancer soon.


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